Miracle II Product Order Form

Retail Order Form
Retail Prices:
Miracle-II Household Cleaner (22 oz., $20.00) _______________________
Miracle-II Moisturizing Soap (22 oz., $20.00) ________________________
Miracle-II Moisturizing Soap (1 Gallon, $120.00) _____________________
Miracle-II Moisturizing Soap 2X (22 oz., $40.00) _____________________
Miracle-II Neutralizer (22 oz., $20.00) ______________________________
Miracle-II Neutralizer (1 Gallon, $120.00) ___________________________
Miracle-II Neutralizer 3X (22 oz., $60.00) ___________________________
Miracle-II Body Lotion (8 oz., $20.00) ______________________________
Miracle-II Body Lotion (22 oz., $40.00) _____________________________
Miracle-II Neutralizing Gel (8 oz., $20.00) ___________________________
Miracle-II Neutralizing Gel (22 oz., $40.00) __________________________
Miracle-II Neutralizing Gel 7X (8 oz., $100.00) ________________________
Miracle-II Neutralizing Gel 7X (22 oz., $200.00) ______________________
Miracle-II Deodorant Stone (4 oz. $20.00) ___________________________
Miracle-II Laundry Ball $45.00 (Retail, $65) __________________________
Miracle-II Dryer Ball $30.00 (Retail, $45) ____________________________
                                                                      Domestic Shipping ___($25.00)__

Become a Distributor & Buy for Half Price
It’s Easy to become a Distributor and Get Miracle-II Products for Half Price. To qualify a distributor must merely purchase a minimum of 12 of the products listed above (Mix or Match). This is all that is required. As a distributor, all Miracle-II “standard size & strength products” (Except the Laundry Balls and Dryer Balls) will cost only $10.00 each or $120.00 per case of 12 plus $25.00 Domestic shipping for a total of $145.00. This means distributors may purchase Miracle-II products at 100% discount or more. Many resellers of Miracle-II charge as much as $28 a bottle. Share it with your family, friends and neighbors at a profit. (Call for overseas shipping, Alaska, Hawaii, & Caribbean, etc.).

Florida Residents
If you live near Sun City Center, Florida you can purchase them from Ed Leary on 813-383-7594 for much less than retail.

For Information
Call: 813-383-7594. Write Futeck.com, PO Box 6071, Sun City Center, FL 33571
e-mail: Miracle-II@TampaBay.RR.com.      Internet: http://www.Futeck.com (Prices not updated)
The Hottest Products on Market
The two hottest products on the market right now are our Miracle-II Neutralizer liquid and Miracle-II Neutralizer Gel, therefore I would like to share with you what goes into these products that make them so effective and how I use them.

Miracle-II Neutralizer Liquid
Miracle II is a clear, tasteless and odorless food-grade liquid. Its secret is in the special process used to energize the liquid:

Alkalinity – The cells of our bodies cannot long survive in an acid environment that most American diets create. Tap water, most bottled waters, most filtered waters, and distilled waters are also very acid. On the other hand, studies have shown that bacteria, germs, virus, fungus and parasites thrive and prosper in an acid environment but cannot long survive in an alkaline environment.

Miracle-II Neutralizer has an extremely high alkalinity (about pH11.5) and, when taken regularly, and in sufficient quantities, will assist in maintaining an alkaline environment for the cells of our bodies. In addition it will provide an extremely hostile environment for unwanted invaders.

Oxygen – The cells of our bodies need to have a constant supply of oxygen in order to survive. Our major source for oxygen is the air that we breathe daily. Studies have shown that the average oxygen content of our air today is barely half of what is used to be before the industrial revolution. Miracle-II Neutralizers have very high oxygen content and, when taken regularly in sufficient quantities, will provide our cells with that needed life-giving oxygen.

Nutrition - Through the use of a special radionics unit the Neutralizer is imparted with the resonant field information contained in all the known vitamins, essential amino acids, enzymes and all the known trace minerals in their natural beneficial portions.

Energy – The atoms in the cells of our bodies have an infinite supply of energy to do their work. It is only when we fail to create the beneficial environment with a good diet of organic raw fruits and vegetables that catabolism (the breaking down of cells) exceeds metabolism (the building up of cells). Unfortunately, not everyone can obtain high energy, healthy raw foods. Fortunately, Miracle-II Neutralizer has a very powerful positive energy strong enough to neutralize the pollution and allergens that cause catabolism. In the laboratory Miracle-II Neutralizer has been known to neutralize deadly toxins like Anthrax, Mustard Gas and Cobra Venom. I recently ingested a serious dose of salmonella poisoning. All I did was take a few swallows of Miracle-II Neutralizer and the pain was gone in a matter of minutes.

All of the Miracle-II products have this energy, but the Miracle-II Neutralizer is ten times stronger than the other products—with the exception of the Gel. An extra strength Neutralizer is also available called 3X Neutralizer that has three times the strength of the regular Neutralizer for deeper penetrating power.

Suggested Daily Neutralizer Regimen - Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. Place 7 drops (3 for babies or pets) of Miracle-II Neutralizer in all liquids. Gradually increase the amount of Neutralizer till the pH reaches 7.0. If you experience any healing effects, reduce or stop increasing the amount till symptoms disappear, then continue increasing. I use Litmus Paper to test my alkalinity weekly.

Miracle-II Neutralizing Gel
The Miracle-II Gel has all of the qualities of the Neutralizer Liquid, except that it has four times the energy that the Neutralizer Liquid. Also available is a super-strength 7X Gel that has seven times the energy that the regular strength Neutralizer has. The Gel is specifically formulated for application on the exterior parts of the body--good for muscle pain, skin rash, fungus, insect bite, burns, etc.