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Bandit Fogger - The BANDIT can quickly fill a room, store or office area with a thick fog during a break in attempt.

Browns Gas - Brown's Gas is a revolutionary new technology in which water can be "burned" as a fuel.

Drain Trap - The Safety Drain Trap, made of clear plastic, can be easily opened and cleaned by almost anyone.

Economy Fan - The ECO-Fan generates its own electricity using the heat of the stove.

Fire Extinguisher - This is a small, counter-top fire extinguisher using a nontoxic, easy to clean up, foam for extinguishing fires.

Fire Barrier - Fire Barrier can make the entire contents of your home fire resistant up to 3500 F
Free Energy - Here is the latest Free Energy device using totally unique proprietary technology.
Frictionless Oil - This oil actually penetrates the metal of your engine and eliminates friction between the moving parts.
Noiseless Jack Hammer - The world's first and only vibrationless and noiseless jackhammer ... a dream come true for anyone who operates a jackhammer.
The Oil Eater - Oil Eater absorbs oil and toxic chemicals up to 12 times its own weight, then can be safely spread on your garden.
Water Distiller - The Kepler Buoy uses the wave action of the ocean to desalinate the sea water.
Oil Muncher - The Oil Muncher contains microbes that eat oil and other organic substances such as paraffin, grease, creosote and aromatic hydrocarbons.
Pool Guard - The Pool Guard uses state-of-the-art ion generation to safely and effectively kill algae and harmful bacteria.
Power Controller - The power Controller is specially designed to optimize energy savings, enhance the performance of inductive motors and extend their life.
Refrigerant - this refrigerant is the Safest, Cheapest, Highest Performance Refrigerant In the World and they are also Environmentally friendly!!
Driveway Sealant - SealantTF is an all-in-one general-purpose soil additive. It is an environmentally safe, low cost liquid solution, which is mixed with water and used to control and manage a variety of soil conditions.
Sonic Bloom - Grow Plants, Fruits & Vegetables Larger & Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible With the Most Advanced Organic Farming Technology On the Planet!
Environmental Clear - ClearWave creats strong, positive energy fields around a home or workplace and helps to cancel any negative energy invades a property. ClearWave also strengthens the aura of anyone within its field.
Q-Link - The Q-Link is an attractive pendant that hangs around the neck and creates an omni-directional, subtle energy field that protects the individual against harmful electromagnetic energy.
Futuristic Toys - These toys will amaze adults as well as kids, and you may also learn a little physics.


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