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The Company

Future Technologies is a Sole-Proprietorship Company headquartered in Sun City, Maryland.

Mission Statement:

1. To increase public awareness of clean energy producing technologies,

2. To motivate the public to participate in promoting these technologies, and

3. To market and sell such products to the public.

While the IRS has classified us as a profit-making organization, all of the profits contribute to informing the public on environmental issues, health issues and the upliftment of the individual.

Plan of Action:

1. To participate in public events that focus on environmental and/or health issues.

2. To accumulate a database of interested persons.

3. To motivate interested persons to join the effort to introduce nonpolluting energy to the public through a quarterly newsletter and direct advertising.

4. To market products compatible with these goals.

Anticipated Problems:

1. Reluctance of the public to participate due to apathy or belief that the problem to too great that we can't make a difference.

2. Opposition of organizations whose survival depends on polluting technologies.

3. Opposition of governments whose laws tend to protect those who pollute.

Financial sources:

Financial support comes from the marketing of nonpolluting products and donations from subscribers of the Future Technologies Newsletter which is available free of charge.

How to contact us:

Future Technologies, P.O. Box 6071, Ellicot City, FL 33571 Tel: 813-383-7594

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