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The Earth’s Energy




The “Right Hand Rule”

In our April issue of The Free Energy Newsletter, we discussed the simple, law of physics called the “Right Hand Rule.”  The “Right Hand Rule” states that if we would grasp one of the wires in our house with our right hand, with our thumb pointing in the direction of the electrical flow, then our fingers would point in the direction of the magnetic field around the wire that results from that electrical flow.  Conversely, physical law also states that when you can detect a magnetic field around a conductor, that current is bound to create a flow of electrical energy through that conductor.  This phenomenon is sometimes called “induction” because the magnetic field actually “induces” a flow of electricity in the conductor.


In our previous issue we also learned how, in 1963, a Russian couple, Semjon and Valentine Kirlian proved that  there is an energy flow through every living thing on this planet by photographing the resulting electromagnet field around living things, usually called the aura.  We know this is true by the Right Hand Rule, because wherever a magnetic field may be found, a current must be flowing in a specific direction.  We also know that since our earth has a magnetic field around it, we must also assume that there is a flow of energy through it. 


Geopathic Energy & Ley Lines

We also discussed the magnetic lines of force around our planet called Ley Lines that form the Geopathic Grid.  We know these lines can vary in strength, depth and density in the same way electricity can.  They are everywhere, including in our houses, in our workplace and in our shopping malls.   When these magnetic lines of force pass through another conductor  (e.g., an electric wire), they can also generate a secondary energy flow through that conductor.  When one or more Ley Lines intersect, they form an energy dome multiplying the force considerably.   These ley lines will be this planets future energy source,.




Amplifying Natural Energies

In order to supply a single home with its needs for electricity using the geopathic energies described above, the Ley Lines and energy domes must somehow be amplified or focused at a single point.  In our previous newsletter we already discussed two ways of focusing these energies.  We learned that certain materials on the planet attract more of the energy than others (e.g., crystals, gemstones and certain metals and plants).  We also learned that the pyramid at Giza, because of its shape (a tetrahedron in shape) and its location,  also has the ability to focus energies. We may also surmise that a quartz crystal in the shape of a tetrahedron would be very effective in focusing energy.  In the late 1800s, Nikola Tesla discovered another way.


The Induction Coil

Induction is the phenomenon whereby a flow of electricity is “induced” in a conductor (e.g., a copper wire) when that conductor passes through a magnetic field. The induction coil is a direct ancestor of the transformer.  Most of us are already familiar with transformers if we have any device, such as a portable tape player, that can also be plugged into the wall and used with your home’s electricity.  It’s that little black box on the end of the wire that plugs into the wall socket.  It’s purpose is to “transform” the 120 volt current coming out of the wall socket into the voltage that the tape player is designed to use (usually anywhere between 5 and 15 volts).


Transformers have no moving parts.  They consist of two or more coils of insulated wire wound around a round core of iron or other material.  As the 120 volts of electricity pass through the wire of the one coil (called the primary coil), it creates a magnetic field around that wire (according to the “Right Hand Rule,” ).  As the magnetic lines of force pass through another coil (called the secondary coil) this “induces” a flow of current in that secondary coil.  Since this primary coil “induces” a voltage in the secondary coil, this transformer has become known as an “induction” coil.  The “induced’ voltage, however, is no longer 120 volts, but rather the lesser voltage used by the portable device (the tape player in the above example).


The voltages of a circuit can be either increased of decreased using the induction coil.  When the electric company generates electricity, it must transmit that electricity to many different locations, many of which are great distances away.  To do this, they need a much higher voltage than is generated at the plant, so they “transform” it to a higher voltage, often as high as millions of volts.  The electricity is then carried through those high powered lines you see strung across our landscapes.  You can, actually, light a light bulb by holding it near one of those power lines because of the powerful magnetic field around the wires.  It has also been known to cause physical illness for those  who live near those lines.  It has been said that the magnetic field can reach out as far as a mile and a half.  Nikola Tesla has designed a very special type of coil that he used in many of his energy devices


The Genius of Nikola Tesla

One special individual who knew about the very special, universal energy flows was Nikola Tesla (1856- 1943).  Nikola was a brilliant Electrical Engineer who’s inventions we use every day of our lives.  He was the inventor of Alternating current that flows through the electric wires of our home, x-rays and many others included  in over 700 unique patents registered at the U.S. Patent Office.  His dream was to draw electrical energy out of the air and distribute it free of charge through the airwaves. 


In the March 5, 1904 issue of the Electrical World and Engineer, Tesla wrote:  “It was on the third of July, the date I shall never forget, when I obtained the first decisive experimental evidence of a truth of overwhelming importance for the advancement of humanity.  A dense mass of strongly charged clouds gathered in the west and towards the evening a violent storm broke loose...  Heavy and long persisting [electrical] arcs formed almost in regular time intervals...  Many times, in regular intervals, the same actions were repeated...  Nor did these strange actions stop then, but continued to manifest themselves with undiminished force...  No doubt whatever remained:  I was observing stationary waves [sometimes called ‘standing waves’].”


Why was Tesla so excited about a mere thunder storm?  What is this stationary wave that so excited him?  According to the textbooks on physics, in order to meet the criteria of a “stationary wave,” there must be two points or nodes beyond which the wave can proceed no further.  Two points that could stop such a violent storm had to be an extremely powerful energy.  What could they be?  Could they be the nodes or domes mentioned earlier: an energy source greater than the violent storm itself? 


I believe that it was this experience that led to Tesla’s discovery of the “Energy Domes” we discussed earlier, where one or more Ley Lines intersect to form these powerful sources of energy.  Tesla’s next question would probably be: How can I collect this energy for the benefit of all mankind?   One of Tesla’s best known inventions is his Coil.  I believe the Tesla coil is the key to generating electricity for the home free of charge.  Writings on Tesla’s life have talked about some of his experiments that were able to generate millions of volts from a device as simple as a 12 volt car battery.


Tesla’s dream was a giant tower [probably located at one of the earth's energy “Domes”] that would transmit electricity to homes Free of Charge without the need for power lines strung all over the landscape.  In 1902 Tesla applied for a patent for what he called The Magnifying Transmitter which consisted of three coils of Tesla’s special design that could generate an incredible 4000 amperes [the average home uses 100 amperes].  Use of this electricity by a home would not diminish the power available to the area.  According to Tesla, his Magnifying Transmitter was capable of producing “immense electrical activities, measured by tens and even hundreds of thousands of horsepower.”  To receive the electricity, all a home owner had to do is bury a metal plate in the earth and build a tower over it with one of Tesla’s coil tuner on top.


Tesla had built his global broadcasting tower and Magnifying Transmitter on Long Island around 1914.  Unfortunately, politics intervened and the tower was torn down unceremoniously.  Edison, apparently, had the greater political clout.  The technology of the Magnifying Transmitter, however, didn’t die there.  Tesla was reported to be continuing this work in Canada in the 1930s.  Over the years, rumors still persist that Tesla’s technology is surviving in various corners of the world like Russia, China and Japan.


                                         Ed Leary