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Dimensions of Life

Part III


In Part I of this series we mentioned the basic nature of our MEST world (Matter, Energy, Space and Time).  We discussed the vibratory nature of the second component of our MEST world: Energy.  Possibly even more important, we emphasized the need to view ourselves and the people and things around us as a part of the whole.  Putting parts of our world into little pockets—Physics in this pocket, Psychology in another pocket and Religion even more separated from the rest—severely limits our understanding of our world. 


In Part II we concluded that matter—the solid objects around us including ourselves—are also energy and vibratory in nature.  You and I are literally balls of energy.  We also know that our thoughts have energy, and, when directed properly, we can create our own health, our well being and our environment.


Two very important points were made in these two newsletters: Part I, everything in our world is made of the same stuff, and Part 2 we showed that through our thoughts we can create a better world for ourselves.  In Part III we will discuss the third part of our MEST world: Space.  Is it really a void in outer space?


Early Research

 It was Ptolemy, the Greco Egyptian mathematician and astronomer, who, in the second century A. D., was the first man to propose the nature of outer space.  In ever greater spheres surrounding the earth, Ptolemy visualized the elements of water, air, fire and ether. Beyond the ether he envisioned even greater spheres of heavenly planes.


While the bulk of Ptolemy's theory has been disproved, his theory that all of space is filled with some non descript substance called ether has been accepted as fact for many centuries. If light is, indeed, a wave or vibration, then it needs some substance like ether to travel through. But ether had never been proven scientifically.


Then in 1881, two American physicists, A. A. Michelson and E. W. Morley, decided to prove, for all time, the existence of ether.  But science mandates certain physical procedures must be followed before a proof can be accepted.  Until man’s instruments are sensitive enough to measure extremely high vibrational energy, science will never be able to accept the fact of ether.  Here again we encounter the disadvantage of separating the subjects of Physics, Metaphysics and Religion.  But let’s examine the proven facts in physical law.


Physical Law

Many of you will remember earlier newsletters that mentioned what is called in physics “The Right Hand Rule.” The rule has to do with an electrical flow through a conductor, like the electrical wires in our houses, for example .  The "Right Hand Rule" states that if we would grasp one of the wires in our house with our right hand, with our thumb pointing in the direction of the electrical flow, then our fingers would point in the direction of the electromagnetic force that surrounds the wire that results from that electrical flow.  Since we know that our earth has a magnetic field around it, we must also assume that it is a conductor of some dynamic flow of energy through it.  But what is this energy? 


If you have seen the movie Star Wars, you may recall a scene where Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi were streaming through hyperspace in the Millennium Falcon, the spacecraft of Han Solo.  Obi Wan was teaching Luke about the "Ways of the Force."  "It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together," Obi Wan told Luke.  Here, George Lucas, the author and script writer of the Star Wars Trilogy, is informing us that this energy Obi Wan has called "The Force" is everywhere, and it flows through "Every Thing."  This is a real energy.  Whether you call it Ether, Orgone, the Force or Spirit, it does exist.  Space is not empty.  It holds a powerful, dynamic energy.  It’s the same energy that flows through all of life including ourselves.


The Dimensions of Life’s Energy

So we usually know enough laws to survive physically, but what about laws that govern the more subtle aspects of nature: mind, emotion and Spirit.  These are all a part of the Whole of Life.  Why do we so often fall victim to the hazards of life: illness, poor human relationships and lack of finances to meet our basic needs?  Could it be our lack of understanding of the more subtle laws of nature that we are subject to?


Quite often the more subtle laws of nature are more easily understood when we relate them to laws in nature.  One law that can help in this case is the law of magnetism which states that, “Like charges (or polarities) always repel and unlike charges (Polarities) attract one another.”  This law is really about polarity.   You may recall in an earlier newsletter that polarity is one of the qualities of a vibration.  Polarity refers to whether a vibration is positive or negative.


It should be no surprise to most of us that our thoughts also have a polarity.  If I have thoughts of anger toward another person we would probably agree that this thought has a negative polarity.  Breaking the Ten Commandments or committing one of the seven capital sins would create the same effect.  On the other hand, if I have loving thoughts toward another person I’m sure we’d agree that this is a thought with positive polarity.  Practicing the seven virtues or one of the nine Beatitudes will have the same effect.


The important point to make here is that thoughts are vibrational energy possessing a powerful potential to do great harm or tremendous good, both for the transmitter and the receiver.


All of this mental activity takes place at the more subtle levels of reality that we might call the spiritual aspects of life.  You may recall that an earlier newsletter mentioned the devastating effect that our thoughts can have on our physical bodies.  I quoted from a medical encyclopedia that listed the physical effects of anger, impatience, anxiety, depression, or any form of stress: the adrenals secrete up to 28 hormones effecting virtually every system in my body, depending on how long I am in this state.  My heart begins to pump more blood.  My lungs begin to pump more oxygen and fuel to my body tissues.  Lung passages dilate.  More sugar is released into the bloodstream.  Systolic blood pressure is increased.  Time for blood coagulation decreases.  Stomach and intestines contract and immobilize.  And, possibly worst of all, the thymus gland withers (From The Encyclopedia of Natural Health by Joseph B. Marion).  The Thymus gland is the controlling force for our immune system.


Generating Positive Polarity

The negative energy that we generate when we are “stressed out” can be caused only by our thoughts, therefore, if we wish to avoid these negative effects we’ve got to begin with our thoughts.  If we find ourselves caught in the waves of a negative polarity and want to change that negative polarity to positive, we do it by changing our thoughts.  There is a psychological law stating that the mind of man cannot think of more than one thought at a time.


Whenever I catch myself thinking thoughts that have the potential to create within me the vibration of anger, fear, anxiety, depression, vanity, lust or greed, I shift my attention to a more powerful positive vibration.  I can think of a pleasurable trip that I took or of someone I love, but I know of no faster way of dissolving negativity than singing, aloud or silently, a word or words with an agreeable vibration.  My favorite word to sing is the word HU.  I’ve found that no negativity can stand up against the vibration of HU.  So I sing within myself silently HUUUuuuu until the negative vibrations are consumed in HU. 


Over the years I’ve acquired the habit of meditating every morning for half an hour.  I sit in a comfortable position, place my attention on my energy centers that lie behind and between the eyes, and I sing, silently or aloud, the word HU.  This practice maintains such a powerful positive energy around me that I’ve stopped being fearful as in my former years.  Then during the day I monitor my thoughts and dissolve any negative ones with the word HU.


Ed Leary