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Seven Keys to Perfect Health

Part III


In earlier newsletters I detailed six ways to help us have a healthier, pain-free life: 1, Drink plenty of water, 2. Exercise, 3. Eat healthier meals, 4. Take proper food supplements, 5. Breathe clean air, and 6. Avoid harmful electromagnetic energy.  Finally, I mentioned key number 7 as having the potential for being the most important key to maintaining perfect health.


After over 25 years of research into attitude and its effect on our health, I could come to only one conclusion.  We must maintain a positive attitude toward all experiences in life.  We all tend to get upset while attempting to solve the endless problems we encounter on a daily basis: earning a living, paying our bills, and dealing with personal relationships at home, at work and in everyday transactions.  All of these tend to call up destructive emotions like fear, anger, hate, depression, lust, greed and vanity.  Our attitude toward the endless variety of experiences in life is what ultimately determines the state of our health.


What is attitude?  According to Webster, an attitude is “a manner of acting, feeling or thinking that shows one’s disposition or opinion.”  The key words here are thinking and feeling, which implies emotion.  These are key because they are inseparably linked in the sense that it is my thoughts that determine how I’m going to feel emotionally.  But what is emotion?  Again, Webster says that emotion is “any specific feeling, or any variety of complex reactions with both mental and physical manifestations, such as love, hate, fear, anger, etc.”


Now the big question: What does my emotional state, such as anger or fear, got to do with whether I get sick or not?  To answer this question, we have to enter the field of psychosomatic medicine.  Webster again says psychosomatic medicine proposes that an illness is “a physical disorder of the body originating in, or aggravated by, the psychic or emotional process of the individual.”  So here we have the implication that if I get angry or fearful, I could somehow end up in the hospital.  So the bigger question is the “somehow.”  How does this happen, or what is this linkage that can occur between what I think or feel and my illness?


 According to psychosomatic medicine, almost any illness can begin with a single thought.  Psychic communication aside, we cannot experience emotion without first initiating the thought that caused it.


For example, when I sit too long at a red traffic light, I can first feel a fire in the pit of my stomach.  Gradually, it spreads to every nerve in my body, and I become tense and fidgety.  All of this began because I thought about sitting at a traffic light, and I felt the light was red much too long.  I was acting just like Pavlov’s dog that salivated when a bell rang before food was ever seen.


Look at the chain of events in this experience.  1. I missed the green light and I get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, 2. The red light seems endless and I begin to get tense.  Psychologists call these conditioned responses.  These feelings are a form of anger and are caused by secretions from glands in my body called the adrenals.


Whenever I react with emotions like fear, anger or impatience, the adrenal’s secretion of up to 28 hormones begin to cause virtually every system in my body to react.  My heart begins to pump more blood.  My lungs begin to pump more oxygen and fuel to my body tissues.  Lung passages dialate.  More sugar is released into the bloodstream.  Systolic blood pressure is increased.  Time for blood coagulation decreases.  Stomach and intestines contract and immobilize.  Andpossibly worst of all, the Thymus withers.  Every system in my body is preparing me for action, but in most cases, I do nothing.  Every system in my body is now out of balance and has the potential to cause serious damage and malfunction in the body.  Usually the weakest part of my body is most vulnerable.


The eventual result of repeated adrenal reaction can be stress, anxiety, tremors, shock and counter-shock, bleeding stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, lack of energy, insomnia, headache, depression, morose, self-consciousness, unhappiness, inhibitions, slow reactions, lack of interest, schizophrenia, and/or manic-depressive psychosis.


This reaction of the adrenals can be caused by any number of experiences: strange noises in the house at night, walking down a dark, deserted street, when we are criticized by a coworker and many others.  This sudden injection of adrenal hormones can be traced back to our attitude toward the experience that caused the emotional response of anger or fear.  Depending on the cause of the emotion we could be motivated to take some sort of action – fight or flight, for example.


Most of us are probably aware that the adrenaline glands are a part of a more complex system in our bodies known as the endocrine system.  According to Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, an Endocrine gland is “a ductless gland that produces and secretes hormones into the blood or lymph nodes.  The hormones exert powerful effects on specific target tissues throughout the body.  The [major] Endocrine glands include the pituitary, the pineal, the hypothalmus, the thymus, the thyroid, the parathyroid, the adrenal cortex, the medulla islets of Langerhaus, and gonads.”  The Endocrine System extends from the top of our head to the lower part of our torso.  "The building and constructive power of man comes through the endocrines and their hormones."


This is important.  This credible medical dictionary states that "The building and constructive power of [physical] man comes through the endocrines and their hormones."  Here is the link between our psychological self and our physical self.  In the examples of fear and anger above, the psychological part of us, our thoughts and emotions, caused a response from a physical part of us, endocrine glands called the adrenals.


In another example, diabetes is a condition where the pancreas (a lesser endocrine gland) fails to react sufficiently to a sudden surge of glucose or sugar and doesn't secret enough insulin to balance the effect of all that sugar.  This occurs whenever the victim overindulges in high carbohydrate foods.  Knowing what they have to do to avoid this, they will alter their way of thinking to avoid too many carbohydrates.  So changing their attitude has had an effect on their physical well being.


In spite of the many links that can be established between our attitudes, our thoughts, our emotions and our physical well being, traditional medical journals and manuals seem to fear building such a link between these more subtle aspects of ourselves, and our chronic and debilitating illnesses.  But the Internet has no such fear.  On the Internet you can discover that each of these Endocrine glands is connected to that higher, emotional aspect of ourselves


As we may recall from the above Endocrine gland definition, “The hormones exert powerful effects on specific target tissues throughout the body.”  This definition implies that the Endocrine system as a whole has a powerful effect on every function of the body.  To me this means that our emotions, that are caused by our attitude and thought patterns, can have a profound effect on every function of the physical body.


Many textbooks and publications, as well as the Internet, have shown rather credibly, that an imbalance among any of the Endocrine glands can cause illness.  Since we also know that our emotions caused by our thought patterns, can cause a hormonal imbalance we must, therefore, conclude that our attitudes do have an affect our physical well being.


I finally decided that I didn’t want to have that tense feeling whenever that red light stared me in the face, when I walked down a dark, deserted street or when I heard a strange noise in the house.  So I forced myself to think about something more pleasant whenever I found myself in any of these experiences.  Sometimes I would think about walking along Miami Beach breathing in that fresh ocean air and sunshine.  Sometimes I would think about those whom I have loved or have loved me. 


Our biggest advantage in dealing with our mind is that it can only think one thought at a time.  All other thoughts loose their strength and eventually dissolve into oblivion.


The thoughts brought about much more pleasant, and healthy, emotion.  This was all a matter of reprogramming my thought process and changing the makeup of my subconscious.  Just like Pavlov conditioned his dog when the bell rang, I conditioned myself to think loving thoughts in my times of stress. 


The loving thoughts that I conditioned myself to think eventually brought my adrenal glands into balance.  But what has this got to do with illness?  The answer to this question may be found in any good medical text that covers the endocrine system.  In such a text you will find specific effects that secretions from each of the endocrine glands have on different parts of the body.



The ultimate question then becomes: how can we know precisely what emotion causes which illness?  I know of only one person who has been courageous enough to even attempt to answer this question in any detail with a published book.  Her name is Louise Hay.  Her classic work is called Heal Your Body.  It’s an inexpensive little book in most bookstores. The Internet has also provided some clues that I will touch on below.


The Pituitary Gland

The Pituitary gland has an aura around it (sometimes called the Brow Chakra) and is located a few inches behind, between the eyes.  It elaborates a host of different secretions. Some of these exercise control over other endocrine glands (pineal, thyroid, adrenals, etc) which influences digestion, reproduction, growth, metabolism and motivation, protein anabolism, blood sugar levels, fatty acid levels, REM sleep, stress, emotion, obesity and others.


This is considered the highest vibrational center in the subtle, emotional body.  Many believe you may bring this center into balance through meditation and inner searching of one's goals in life.  It influences the cerebral cortex, the central nervous system, and the left & right brain. 


An energy blockage in this gland can cause illness involving any of the physical systems mentioned above.  On a more subtle level it could cause us to seek unworthy goals with apathy toward one's spiritual welfare.  The physical result can also manifest as cerebral dysfunction or psychotic behavior.


An energy excess can cause one to seek ones goals too energetically or cause a desire to achieve them too swiftly.  The result could be persistent headaches, or brain tumor in extreme cases.


Balanced energy in this gland can result in balanced attitudes toward our material as well as our spiritual goals in life.  All of this filters down to the physical level as overall good health.


The Pineal gland has an energy field around it (sometimes called the Crown Chakra) which influences our reproductive activities, our motivation, and our emotions.


This is sometimes called the seat of intuition and insight into the problems of life.  It influences the health of the spinal cord, the eyes, ears, nose and sinuses.


An energy blockage can cause one to live life according to one's mental perception of reality and failing to perceive, or ignoring, intuitive guidance.  It can cause lack of spiritual insight and retard growth in the more important goals in life.  Physically it can cause sinus problems, eye problems, and endocrine blockages.


An energy excess can cause the misuse of our intuitive faculties or our more subtle powers as spiritual beings.  Physically it can cause cataracts, sinus congestion, inflammation or toxicity in the areas of influence.


A balanced energy permits the proper use of our spiritual powers.  It results in increased, and more accurate intuitive guidance.


The Thymus gland is Connected to the heart chakra.  It influences: Cell growth, immunity to disease, expelling toxins and foreign invaders & general health maintenance.  After puberty gland is replaced by fatty tissue.  By maturity the gland becomes atrophied (inactive).  The heart chakra has connections to all the lower chakras.



The Heart Chakra effects the ability to express love.  It is the balancing factor between the higher and lower bodies (mental and emotional).  It influences the health of the physical heart, bronchial

tubes, lungs, breasts and circulatory systems. 


Energy Blockage can cause loneliness, depression, bad love relationships or the inability to love in a detached way.  Physically it can cause blood clots, stagnation of blood flow to any part of the body, including the brain, causing a stroke.  This lack of nutrients can cause asthma and effect the pulmonary function, digestion, blood pressure, immunity function, causing rheumatoid arthritis.


Energy Excess can cause heart failure, high blood pressure, or stress.


Balanced Energy results in loving all of life in a detached way as well as one's self.  One gives without expecting anything in return.  It causes a balanced life, inner peace, a strong heart and constitution.


The Thyroid Gland is Connected to the throat chakra.  It influences: tissue growth, muscular control, reproductive cycle, urine control, blood pressure, metabolism regulation, nervous system, blood calcium regulation.


The Throat Chakra influences growth, glands and structures in the neck region, the mouth, vocal cords, the trachea the cervical vertebrae and parasympathetic nervous system of the autonomic nervous system.  Effects the ability to communicate, creativity, self-expression, self-discipline, decision-making.


Energy Blockage can cause difficulty in making decisions, poor self-discipline and the inability to express oneself creatively.  When projected into the physical, it can cause deterioration in those structures dependent on the thyroid, causing laryngitis or thyroiditis.


Energy Excess can cause one to make decisions hastily, may tend to be inflexible.  In the physical it can cause glandular tumors, cancer of the larynx and toxic or cancerous condition in structures dependent on thyroid secretions.


Balanced Energy can enhance creative self-expression, and be highly self disciplined as well as flexible.


Adrenal Glands are connected to the solar plexus influences: blood levels of sodium, potassium & water, metabolism, stress, inflammatory processes, emotion.


The Solar Plexus provides energy for the activities of life.  It motivates; It excites to action. It projects power.  It is the most common site for energy blockage.  It supplies energy for digestion and purification of body organs including the stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, spleen, lumbar vertebrae. and adrenal glands.


Energy Blockage can cause fear, low self worth, impatience. Physically it can cause, constipation, fatigue, hypoglycemia and a sense of loss of personal power.


Energy Excess may cause anger, intolerance or impatience. Physically it can cause diabetes, excess of stress, ulcers, desire to dominate or have power over others.


Balanced Energy can cause one to be highly motivated in worthy, growth activities and a strong desire to be of help to others.


The Pancreas influences: blood sugar, liver health, digestion, body energy, protein synthesis by body tissues.  Influences the Spleen or lyden that influences the immune system, blood production, trauma.


The Sacral Chakra is considered the seat of sexuality and is associated with the reproductive functions.


 Energy Blockage is caused by deviate or suppressed sexual desires.  It can cause colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, malabsorption diseases of the small intestine, sexual dysfunction and lower back problems.


Energy Excess can cause excessive lust and sexual practices.  Physically it can cause bladder tumors, cervical and uterine cancer in women and leydig cell cancer prostate Cancer in men.


Balanced Energy can cause healthy attitude toward the use of sex and extension of physical longevity and health.


Gonads/Ovaries are connected to the base chakra.  They influence reproduction, cell nourishment. sexual traits and biorhythm


The Base Chakra is the chakra that binds us to the earth or the activities that are required for our survival in this environment.  It is associated with the spine and the external orifices such as the rectum and urethra.


Energy Blockage can cause inflexibility, and at the physical level, hemorrhoids, rectal fissures, urethral strictures, and constipation.


Energy Excess can cause paranoia and a tendency to act defensively in most situations as well as a very strong will to live.  Physiologically it can cause diarrhea.


Balanced Energy In a positive vein it can promote stability and the ability to be highly creative.


Thoughts are the Solution

Now the second big question: How do I tear down those firmly ingrained attitudes built up through our traditional methods of teaching.  The answer is: we tear them down using the same method we used when we first established them, namely by establishing a brand new thought pattern.


Thought patterns are the groundwork of our attitudes.  Change them and our attitudes and beliefs will change automatically.  I remember sitting in my religion classes listening to the teacher tell me, “you must have faith, because faith can move mountains.”  I would always think to myself, “I’d do anything to have half that kind of faith.  How can I get.”  The usual response to that question was, “Faith is a gift.”


After many years of study and trial and error, I’ve learned that faith is not a gift.  Nothing is given without payment, otherwise God’s justice becomes imperfect. It takes effort and self-discipline.  The next paragraph may very well be the most important sentence in all of the newsletters I’ve ever published, because it will be the basis for what your attitude will become.


I first heard this while attending a lecture by a clergyman from Columbia, Maryland.  He was speaking about the four fundamentals of a Spiritual life: prayer or meditation, study, devotion to a Supreme Deity and self-discipline.  But none of the first three are possible without number four: Self-discipline, and the most important time to exercise self-discipline is in our thoughts.  One of his final statements was this: “The most important decision you have to make at any given time is: what to think next.”  Memorize this.  Commit it to memory, and never forget it.  This is the foundation for establishing any new attitude, or for strengthening your old attitude.


Most of us are aware of those fortunate few who defy the doctor’s death sentence when they are given only a few months to live.  The question I had when I first heard about such a case was: “What’s attitude got to do with healing a illness?  How could my mind possibly have anything to do with healing the physical body.  It took me many years to convince myself that there is a connection between mental and physical.


Some of you may remember an earlier newsletter when I wrote about the "Right Hand Rule" in physics  The rule has to do with the flow of electricity through a conductor, like the electrical wires in our houses, for example .  The "Right Hand Rule" states that if we would grasp one of the wires in our house in our right hand, with our thumb pointing in the direction of the electrical flow, then our fingers would point in the direction of the magnetic field around the wire that results from that electrical flow.  This is an undeniable law of physics.


Conversely, physical law also states that whenever you can detect a magnetic field around a conductor, then you can be certain that there is a flow of electrical energy through that conductor.  Several conclusions may be drawn from this law.


"The Right Hand Rule" in Action

As it turns out, there's not one object on the face of this earth that is not effected by the "Right Hand Rule."  A husband and wife team proved this many years ago.  In 1963, a Russian couple, Semjon and Valentine Kirlian, took out a patent for a technology that they called electro-photography.  With a special camera they built, they were able to take photographs of very subtle magnetic fields.  They took pictures of hundreds of objects, and they all had magnetic field around them.  This is also true of you and me.  Our energy fielda are usually called auras. Each of our auras are as unique as a fingerprint.  They once photographed a man with a missing hand and found that his hand still existed at a more subtle level of reality, because the outline of the hand was defined by his aura.


Subsequent studies with auras have discovered that organs within our bodies also have their own unique auras.  Interestingly, the most prominent auras in our bodies were not detected around the organs we are most familiar with like the heart, the lungs or the stomach.  The most powerful and widespread energy fields were detected around the glands of our endocrine system: the Pituitary, the Pineal and the Thymus glands.


The Physical- Psychological Bridge

Our physical bodies consist of a number of separate but linked systems that make up the entire community of cells: the Circulatory System, the Lymphatic System, the Nervous System, the Pulmonary System, the Musculo-skeletal System, the outer covering or skin, and, last but not least, the Endocrine System, etc.  Most of us have a basic knowledge of most of these systems, but very few of us know much about the Endocrine System.  



Ed Leary