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The Status of Free Energy



The great deception being promoted today is that we must be dependent on fossil fuels because other nonpolluting energy sources are impractical, if not impossible.  “Impractical” may be true for such sources as solar energy or wind energy, since you only have power when the sun shine or the wind blows.  We need energy that doesn’t depend on the weather or being close to some body of water. 


Proven technologies do exist today that can give us an unlimited supply of clean air, pure water and food, and energy that we can use for our needs without polluting our environment by using of fossil fuels or nuclear power.  An informed public should be demanding no less.


The problems inherited by our generation  – acid rain, fuel shortages, droughts and all forms of pollution causing the deterioration of health and quality of life – can be ended through a broad variety of technologies that have existed for decades.  These are the topics that will be discussed in this newsletter


Better World Technologies (BWT) is one of the organizations that has many of the technologies to be discussed and the know-how to create many more.  All of these technologies, as well as the products that evolve from those technologies, will be innovative and unique in their field.  The creator of this newsletter, Future Technologies, has one of the 2000 dealerships authorized to make these products available to the public.  Future Technologies will also be seeking a limited number of distributorships who will also be permitted to profit from the sale of BWT products.  Several have already been assigned.


Producing Electricity From the Air


How can BWT

Get Free Electricity?


   Free electricity can already be produced using solar panels, water wheels and wind mills.  But these have proven to be impractical, because the amount of energy produced does not offset the cost of building them.  They are also impractical when the sun doesn’t shine, the  water doesn’t flow and the wind doesn’t blow.


What we need is “Energy on Demand.”  BWT currently has several technologies  in its laboratory that can produce nonpolluting electricity without any impact on the environment.  The most mature of these products is currently ready for production.  BWT has recently established The International Tesla Electric Company for distributing the energy that will be produced by this technology.  The technology is very simple.  It simply takes heat from the air just like your heat pump does.


Heat From the Air


   Heat pumps can take energy directly from the air 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This is what the heat pump does.  The heat pump’s physics is based on “the law of thermodynamics” which says anything that’s hot will give its heat to anything that is cold, or less hot.  The heat pump uses a very cold liquid, Freon, that boils at 40 F degrees below zero.  If the air around your house is 20 degrees above zero, then 60 degrees of heat energy (-40  to +20 = 60)  will flow to the Freon.  Using this formula, even ice and snow will give up heat energy to Freon.  Now Freon is a gas which can be compressed by the compressor (the heart of a heat pump).  According to the laws of physics, when the pressure of a gas is increased (compressed) the temperature increases proportionally.   Now you have a hot gas under pressure that can heat a home, or cool a home when the process is reversed.  This is how heat pumps work.  But in order to heat your home with a heat pump you must pay for the electricity to run your compressor.

   Just how practical or efficient are heat pumps?  In other words, how much electrical energy is required to produce enough heat energy to heat your home?  This ratio is called The Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P.), or the ratio between the energy produced and the energy used.  The air-to-air heat pump (the type used in most homes and apartments) produces an average of two units of usable heat energy for every unit of electrical energy it uses to run the compressor.  That’s a C.O.P. of 2 to 1.  The most efficient heat pump may get as high as 4 or 5 to 1.  Better World Technology (BWT) has developed a heat pump that can get a C.O.P. as high as 12 to 1.   Undocumented performance has reached as high as 14 to 1. 

   The average C.O.P. for the BWT system in the U.S. is about 7 to 1.  The average hot water heater generates one unit of heat energy for one unit of electrical energy.  This means that the BWT system has 6 units of energy for other purposes. 

   Most electricity in this country is produced by burning coal, or other fossil fuel.  Heat from fossil fuel is used to produce stream which, in turn, rotates a turbine that generates electricity.  It is well known that this process is 30% to 35% efficient.  This means that such a generating plant requires 3 units of heat energy (from burning fuel) to produce one unit of electrical energy.

   If we have 6 units of excess energy produced by the BWT heat pump, and the average turbine driven electrical generator is 33.3% efficient,  this means that 2 units of energy will be available to run the compressor (6 x .333 = 2 units of electrical energy).  When the BWT system is operating at 12  to 1  C.O.P., 3 units of electrical excess energy will be produced (12 x .333 = 3  units of electrical energy). This is more than enough electrical energy to drive the compressor in an average home.

   The laboratories of BWT have simply taken the heat pump technology and made it more efficient so that more energy is produced than is used so the remaining energy can be used to generate electricity.


Free Electricity for your Home


It has always been the goal of Better World Technologies to place a nonpolluting, free energy device in every home in the world.  This is still the goal, unfortunately, due to the forces at work in our world, primarily political and financial, this goal must be temporarily delayed.


But Free Energy devices are now ready for production, but “Free” in this current state of affairs, does not mean we will not have to pay something.  After all, we all know that according to Spiritual Law, we must always pay for everything we get, whether by coin or by service.


Since funding of this project is the principle roadblock right now, Dennis Lee has proposed a solution.  Our initial efforts will be in finding large consumers of electricity where one large unit may be place to generate all of the electricity needed by that site.  This could be businesses, communities, neighborhoods, churches or organizations.  BWT is now able to build a unit or units of any size to satisfy virtually any need.  My job and yours, if you choose, is to search out these groups and make this proposal to them:


Better World Technologies will install an electrical generator (or generators) free of charge at any agreeable site that will provide all of the electricity required for that area.  This does not mean that individual homes will not still have their current electricity provider as a backup.  As we all know, this is not a perfect world, physical things do tend to wear out and break down.  But this will never be a worry for the users of the electricity.  The device (or devices) will be owned and maintained by BWT.  The only requirement for the people of that area is to sign an agreement that they will buy the electricity produced by the BWT devices.


In many ways, this is a better arrangement than a Free Energy device being owned by the individual home owners.  We won’t have the worry of maintaining it, plus we won’t be the ones to be harassed by the current electrical providers, which brings us to the second question: How will the electrical companies feel about our stealing their business.


From more than one source, I have already been hearing that the electrical companies won’t really mind that much.  Producing the electricity is the biggest expense, as well as the biggest headache in their business.  They’ve got to buy a lot of fossil fuels and take a lot of flack from environmentalists.  I have a feeling that they would be delighted to turn over the generation of electricity to someone else.  They could sit back and reap the profits from their distribution network already in place.


One more problem.  Where is the money coming from to build and install these devices?  I’m sure most of you are aware that financing a project like this will never gain the support of the established institutions.  Dennis has tried, but they always want to buy or control the technology.  Their interests are different from ours.  So where will the money come from? 


There can only be one answer, and deep within myself, I’ve always believed this.  Whoever uses a service should pay for it.  The governmental/industrial complex are always anxious to help, but when help is given, payment is expected.  Whenever we relinquish our responsibility for any aspect of our own lives, we also give up a bit of our freedom.  Everyone in this world is guided by one of two laws:  The Law of “Love for others” or the law of “power over others.”  Do you believe that that government or industry are motivated by the Law of Love?  I do not!


This means that financing of the energy devices is up to us.  The financing of the average unit will cost $10,000.  Dennis Lee knows that most of us cannot afford this kind of money, therefore he has proposed a solution where we, as a community, group or neighborhood, loan him the money.  He will install the unit and we will have electricity for little or no cost,   If we can find one or more persons, a business or group of persons who are willing to pool their resources, we could all form an alliance.  Each of us could contribute an amount.  If we can recruit 5 households that would be $2000 per person;  If we recruit 50 people, only $200 per person.  If we live near an industrial complex, they may be willing to submit the loan.


Admittedly, there are still questions to be answered and problems to be solved, but they are not insurmountable.  And we should be strongly motivated because of the potential outages that everyone, including our government, is predicting.  Power companies can fail.  We need security against those failures.  There have already been major brownouts where large areas in our country have completely lost electrical power for many days.  There can be much suffering if this would happen in the middle of the winter.


Then there is the Year 2000 computer bug that could affect all of our major institutions, preventing them from delivering their services: utility companies, food service companies, banking institution, and government itself.  True, there is a chance  that none of this will happen.  But I still remember my days as a Boy Scout with their motto: “Be Prepared.”


I have just finished watching a video tape produced by BWT.  At the beginning of the tape, a computer expert explains the Year 2000 problem in layman's term, and what could happen.  When I finished watching this tape I was convinced that disruptions will occur  in nearly every one of our institution.  I became so concerned about this problem that I wish I could send this tape to all of you free of charge.  Unfortunately I have budgeting concerns just like you.  But  I have decided to make this tape available to all of you for the same price that that I have paid: $10 plus $5 for postage and packaging.  I can’t urge you strongly enough to send for this important tape.


In the tape you will get a simple explanation of the year 2000 computer problem.  You will also hear from the man who is responsible for all of the BWT technologies, Dennis Lee.  He is the man who will be bringing to the world alternatives to nuclear energy and fossil fuels that are literally killing us.  Dennis will also give you brief explanations of the Free Energy Technology plus he will show you how this electricity will be distributed to all of you without using the electric company or the electrical distribution network, commonly called the “Grid.”


Therefore, I ask two favors of you:

I.   Please send for this tape;

2. Show this tape to anyone who is concerned enough about the Year 2000 problem that they are willing to spend one and a quarter hours watching it.


Call or write me at the address below.  Thank you.


                                         Ed Leary