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Tapping The Earth's Energy



The earth's energy sources are endless: like solar, wind, geothermal, water flows, and waterfalls.  In a previous issue we labeled many of these as impractical.  We need access to energy-on-demand -- energy that is friendly to the environment and is available anywhere we happen to be at any time we need it. 


In a previous issue of The Free Energy Newsletter, we also wrote about Dennis Lee's highly efficient heat exchange system that generated electrical energy without the sun, in a snow storm in Minnesota.  This system did provide energy-on-demand, but it also required the manufacture of a lot of hardware, namely three, large 8x4 foot heat collectors, an extra large condenser, plus a large compressor and electrical generator.  But Better World Technologies (BWT) has several other free energy technologies in its laboratory.  The "source" of one of these energies will be discussed in this issue.


The energy of the future will be based on some of the more basic laws of physics.  I'm not going to pretend that I have any special talents as a physicist.  I didn't even do that well in my college physics course.  But I have done a lot of reading in textbooks and periodicals by inventors who have talents in applying the laws of physics in order to provide our basic human needs. 


By simple observation one can easily observe that universities, governments and corporations are not the institutions that are solving one of the more urgent problems of our planet today: Providing pollution-free energy for every home and car.  It has often been hinted that the technology has been available for decades but suppressed by special interests.  It's been the little guy who had an idea and went to work in his basement or garage.  These are the heroes of this country.  I willingly admit that I don't have the talent of these who are the real heroes.   I'm just the writer who is anxious to share the work of such heroes with the public in the simplest way I know how.


A Simple Law of Physics

I can't remember many of the things I learned in my physics courses, but one thing that stuck is the "Right Hand Rule."  The rule has to do with an electrical flow through a conductor, like the electrical wires in our houses, for example .  The "Right Hand Rule" states that if we would grasp one of the wires in our house with our right hand, with our thumb pointing in the direction of the electrical flow, then our fingers would point in the direction of the magnetic field around the wire that results from that electrical flow. 


Conversely, the physical law also states that when you can detect a magnetic field around a conductor, that current is bound to create a flow of electrical energy through that conductor. 


Several conclusions may be drawn from these laws.


"The Right Hand Rule" in Action

As it turns out, there's not one object on the face of this earth that is not effected by the "Right Hand Rule."  A husband and wife team proved this many years ago.  In 1963, a Russian couple, Semjon and Valentine Kirlian, took out a patent for a technology that they called electro-photography.  With a special camera they built, they were able to take photographs of very subtle magnetic fields.  They took pictures of all sorts of objects, both organic and inorganic.  They proved that we all have a magnetic field around us.  This field, sometimes called an aura, has many colors.  These auras are as unique to every individual as a fingerprint. 


They once photographed a man with a missing hand and found that his hand still existed at a more subtle level of reality, because the outline of the hand was defined by the aura.  He also photographed a torn leaf he had pulled from a tree.  The aura of the leaf defined a hole leaf. 


The Origin of the Earth's Energy

As we have learned by the Right Hand Rule, wherever a magnetic field may be found, a current must be flowing in a specific direction.  Since we know that our earth has a magnetic field around it, we must also assume that there is a flow of energy through it.  But what is this energy?  If you have seen the movie Star Wars, you may recall a scene where Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi were streaming through hyperspace in the Millennium Falcon, the spacecraft of Han Solo.  Obi Wan was teaching Luke about the "Ways of the Force."  "It surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together," Obi Wan told Luke.  Here, George Lucas, the author and script writer of the Star Wars Trilogy, is informing us that this energy Obi Wan has called "The Force" is everywhere, and it flows through "Every Thing."


In 1956, a lady by the name of Ethyl Starbard was a very sick woman.  The diagnosis of her physician indicated that she had an intolerance of many pollutants found in the fresh fruit and vegetables she was eating.  Since organic produce was not easily available in the 50s, she and her physician conducted a yearlong search for ways to safely remove pollution from fruit and vegetables. 


They conducted a chemical analysis of supermarket fruit, namely apples, oranges and bananas.  They tested for 20 pollutants.  The apples they tested had all 20 pollutants, the oranges had 16, and the bananas had only 7.  They then  began to expose the fruit to various kinds of radiation fields.  They were looking for a radiation that would destroy the pollution but retain all the nutrition of the fruit. As they tested many kinds of radiation, they became increasingly discouraged, until one day, purely by accident, they discovered that when the fruit was placed near specific locations on the earth, the pollution was no longer in the fruit.  They eventually came to realize that the natural magnetic fields of certain minerals and vegetation on our planet are strong enough to destroy the pollutants.


As it turns out, this fact has been used by certain isolated cultures for the benefit of man for centuries.  The use of both crystals and pyramids have been two of the structures man has used to focus the earth's energy.


Ley Lines and the World Grid

Today, scientists are well aware of this flow of energy through the earth which creates magnetic lines of force that can be detected by a special meter, or something as simple as a compass.  When these magnetic lines of force pass through another conductor, they can also generate a secondary energy flow through that conductor.


These magnetic lines of force around our planet are sometimes called geopathic energy when applied to the earth, or ley lines. 


These lines can vary in strength, depth and density in the same way electricity can.  They are everywhere, including in our houses, in our workplace and in our shopping malls.  Many people are sensitive to them, whether consciously of unconsciously.  These ley lines will be this planets future energy source.


Human Ley Lines

Another interesting fact about these energy flows has to do with us as conductors.  We know that we are conductors for these energy flows, because we have a powerful magnetic field around us.  Some individuals can see the fields that form colorful projections jutting out from the body.  These are called auras and can be used to diagnose physical and emotional illnesses or states of consciousness.  Our aura is our protection against many of the harmful energy flows that exist around us.  It is the reason we are not harmed by many of the man-made electrical transmissions.  It can also protect us from unwanted thought and emotional environments.  Many on the planet today are strengthening their auras through the practice of  meditation and spiritual exercises.  Human Ley lines are usually called meridians.  Meridians are the Ley lines that an acupuncturist studies in their process of healing the physical body.


The Nature of Ley Lines

Ley lines form a complex web across all of reality connecting all of life.  The largest flows occur along ocean currents, mountain ranges, and great rivers.  Many builders of homes will sometimes use a Dowser to locate the best place to drill for water.  A Dowser is a person with the special talent for sensing Ley lines and energy flows on the earth's surface.


For centuries, the Chinese have used a science called Feng Shui when they built their buildings.  The materials, the construction and the orientation of each building was guided by Feng Shui.  They also use this science when they arranged the furniture within each building.  The purpose of all this is to use the natural earth's energy flows to best advantage.  A practitioner of Feng Shui will usually cringe when they see how American buildings have randomly and illogically constructed their buildings.


Ley lines can also flow along man-made structures like roads,  caverns, cities and holy sites.  The behavior of these lines can be unpredictable.  They can dart in and out of physical reality.  They can borough deep into the ground or soar high into the air.


Power Points on the Earth

Up until the time of the Protestant Reformation, the churches and temples were built along Ley lines because these were the places that were most in harmony with energies of the earth.  Where Ley lines intersect, the earth's energies intensify.  Such locations were considered sacred sites by the ancients.  Structures were often placed where two or more Ley lines intersect.  At these locations "Energy Domes" are formed and can generate considerable power, depending on the number of lines and the power of each line.  The more powerful Domes may be found in the Bermuda Triangle, Mt. Shasta California, Stonehenge in England, The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, the North Pole and many others around the globe.


Minor power points and energy flows, however, may be found everywhere: in your back yard, in your living room or in your basement.  They could be as close as a few feet apart and as narrow as a few inches in depth, or as far apart as a few yards and as deep as several feet.  Like the Dowser, anyone can learn to locate the lines on a private property.  Some particularly sensitive individuals can simply sense the energy.  Others use a Dowsing stick or rod as a sensing tool.  Once these lines or Domes are located, special methods, designs or devices may be used to tap these inexhaustible sources of energy.


Tapping the Earth's Energies

One special individual who knew about these very special, universal energy flows was Nikola Tesla (1856- 1943).  Nikola was a brilliant Electrical Engineer who's inventions we use every day of our lives.  He was the inventor of Alternating current that flows through the electric wires of our home.  We have him to thank for the better types of electric motors, x-rays  and radio.  He has over 700 unique patents registered at the U.S. Patent Office.  His dream was to draw electrical energy out of the air. 


Unfortunately, Tesla's genius went unrecognized by the general public. Edison got most of the credit for the electricity we enjoy today.  Perhaps it was because many viewed Tesla as an eccentric, or worse.  Others saw him and his technologies as a threat to their established ways of creating energy.  He refused to share his technologies with anyone who would use them in an unethical, dishonest or greedy manner. He felt that since the environment gave up its energy free of charge to all who wished it, greedy men should not be able to build fortunes through it.


Tesla was among the thousands who migrated here from Yugoslavia in 1884.  His genius was swiftly recognized as he proposed his "World System" of communications.  His system included a method for broadcasting music speech, pictures and news to all corners of the planet.  His "World System" also included the transmission of electricity through the air.  Why the world powers decided to string an endless network of wires all over the planet is anybody's guess.


Nikola Tesla, far from destitute, died alone in his room at the Hotel New Yorker on January 7, 1943.  All of his personal notes and technologies, which filled many truckloads, were confiscated by the Federal Government and made inaccessible to the general public.  If they had not been, suppressed, it would be a different world that we live in today.  There would be no pollution.  There would be no draining of the planets resources.  There would be no draining of human energies required to pay for energy that should be free for all to use.  Tesla's vision was a free energy device in every home to supply all of a family's energy needs: for heating, cooling, transportation, etc.  A vision that was lost to the public for over half a century.


In the March 5, 1904 issue of the Electrical World and Engineer, Tesla wrote:  "It was on the third of July, the date I shall never forget, when I obtained the first decisive experimental evidence of a truth of overwhelming importance for the advancement of humanity.  A dense mass of strongly charged clouds gathered in the west and towards the evening a violent storm broke loose...  Heavy and long persisting [electrical] arcs formed almost in regular time intervals...  Many times, in regular intervals, the same actions were repeated...  Nor did these strange actions stop then, but continued to manifest themselves with undiminished force...  No doubt whatever remained:  I was observing stationary waves [sometimes called `standing waves']."


Why was Tesla so excited about a mere thunder storm?  What is this stationary wave that so excited him?  According to the textbooks on physics, in order to meet the criteria of a "stationary wave," there must be two points or nodes beyond which the wave can proceed no further.  Two points that could stop such a violent storm had to be an extremely powerful energy.  What could they be?  Could they be the nodes or domes mentioned earlier: an energy source greater than the violent storm itself?  We will attempt to answer this question in a subsequent issue of The Future Technologies, Free Energy Newsletter.


Better World Technology

Little by little, the innovative Tesla technologies are finally being rediscovered and placed into new and exciting devices.  Better World Technologies (BWT) is one of the few organizations dedicated to making free, non-polluting energies available to individual homes.  BWT is the vision of a modern-day Tesla, Dennis Lee.  Technologies exist today that can give us an unlimited supply of clean air, fresh water and energy for any purpose we desire, without the use of fossil fuels or nuclear power plants.


Better World Technology (BWT) is the company that has the know-how, the technology and the products that will solve the pollution and energy problems of the world.  All that is needed is the funding.  BWT has refused funding by government and private industry because of their commitment to fossil fuels.  Funding must come through the sale of BWT's other innovative products.  We can help and improve our own financial situation at the same time.  To find out contact:


Future Technologies

P.O. box 6071

Sun City Center, MD 33571


(813) 383-7594

                                         Ed Leary