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Dimensions of Life – Part 2



In our last newsletter we asked the question: What are the components of this world that affect our health?  The components that we stated were matter, energy, space and time.  We then called these MEST for short.  We also assumed that, in our own sphere of influence that includes our own bodies, each of us have power over all of these MEST elements.  Within our own world we can make them what we want them to be.


We also asked: What are the forces in the world that have, in the past and in the present, hindered us from using this power that we have to change our world?  One of the more important answers that came to mind is “understanding.” 


The focus of this four-part series will be to improve our understanding of our MEST world so that we may better deal with the problems of health, wealth and wellbeing.


The Nature of Energy

Our January newsletter explained the second element of the MEST world: Energy.  We decided that energy is vibratory in nature, and that vibrations can have several qualities: frequency, wavelength, amplitude, polarity and harmony.


Frequency is the number of occurrences or pulses in a specified timeframe.  Our heart, for example, can have an average frequency of 50 to 70 beats per minute.  Other parts of our body vibrate at much higher frequencies.


Harmony refers to one vibration’s relationship to another.   If we get a headache, for example, we know that some vibration in our head is out-of-harmony with the rest of our body. 


Polarity refers to whether an energy field is positive (vibrating in a clockwise direction) or negative (vibrating in a counterclockwise direction).


The Nature of Matter

In this newsletter, we will discuss the first element of our MEST equation: Matter. 


For many centuries man believed that the earth was flat and rested on the back of a giant turtle. Even today small pockets of individuals gather together to confirm their belief in this theory.


It wasn’t until the second century AD that Cladius Ptolemaeus more commonly referred to as Ptolemy, the Greco Egyptian mathematician and astronomer, imagined his own view of the universe. He saw the earth as the center of a globular universe with the sun, moon and stars revolving about it.


Much later, in 1530 a Polish astronomer, Nicholas Copernicus, while fulfilling his duties as canon of the cathedral at Frauenburg, East Prussia, completed his famous treatise on his view of the universe. This work, published in 1543 while its author lay on his deathbed, described a universe with its sun in the center and the earth as one of the planets that revolve about it.


Many centuries later, in Bern, Switzerland, a young civil servant, working in a government patent office, was digging still deeper into the nature of our universe.  The young man's name was Albert Einstein. It was in 1905 that Albert Einstein published five papers that shook the foundations of traditional physics and altered the course of scientific endeavor for all time.  Among these was his now famous theory of relativity which stated that all laws of nature are the same if frames of reference are moving uniformly relative to each other.  Another paper formulated his revolutionary mass/energy equivalence E=MC2. Still another treated the quantum nature of light and its effect on matter, called the photoelectric effect. A fourth examined the irregular motion of microscopic particles in solid matter. Lastly he developed his theories on the dynamics of atomic particles. Einstein dared to imagine a universe so different from traditional thinking of the time that even today many brilliant minds have difficulty accepting it. But when Max Born, a prominent physicist in his own right, read Einstein's papers, he was deeply impressed. "We were all aware," he commented in retrospect, "that a genius of the first order has emerged."


The most important of these papers for our discussion here is Einstein’s mass/energy equivalence formula E=MC2.  


The Physics of Matter

Mass, in the formula E=MC2, is defined as a measure of inertia which is defined in terms of kilograms, or, if you’re English, in terms of pounds.  Matter, by virtue of its resistance may be considered mass.  By solving E=MC2 for mass we have M=E/C2, or Mass = (Vibratory energy)/(The speed of light squared).  This is a very simple proof that mass is really just another form of energy.  Under this definition, all sense objects in our environment become just another form of energy.  The food that we eat, the air that we breathe, and, of course, our own bodies, are only energy that has taken on various forms according to its wavelength and vibratory rate. 


So, what’s the point?  The point is that everything we wrote earlier about the nature of energy, including vibration, amplitude, harmony and polarity, also applies to all those solid-appearing objects around us, including ourselves.


Why is this important to our health?  Because through a deep belief we “know” that we aren’t really a solid physical being but a powerful ball of energy.   If we can really convince ourselves of this, we have developed a powerful force for changing our own environment and our own health.  We, ourselves, and everything around us, are constantly changing.  We are not the same person we were yesterday.   We will not be the same person tomorrow.   But are we the one’s controlling that change, or are we surrendering our power to other forces around us. 


Many of us have heard about, or experienced directly, the power of our minds and attitudes to affect our environment, including our health.  Many who have refused to accept a doctor’s death sentence, have healed themselves by their attitude and thought process.  How did they do it?  They did it by understanding the forces that mold their future and the process of creating their own destiny.


Creating Your Own Destiny

I haven’t been under the care of a physician for nearly 40 years.  The only time I get near them is when I go to the Health Fair for a physical and complete blood work for $15.  I do spend a lot of time deciding what my body needs to feel good by reading and searching on the Internet.  These are all important to my health, of course, but not the most important.


I’m convinced that the most important attribute to good health is attitude and belief.  Many of us will recall Jesus’ statement that faith can move mountains.  I still believe this.  Then why can’t I do it?  It's because my belief isn’t strong enough so that I “know” absolutely that the mountain will move when I tell it to.  Why don’t I have this kind of knowing?  Because of my conditioning and what I’ve been taught.  Science discounts any forces they can’t understand, like the forces of mind and Spirit. 


Because of these beliefs, I “know” I am not this physical body that I see in the mirror every morning.  I “know” those terrible thoughts that can pass through my mind are not me.  I “know” that those painful anxieties I experience are not me.  I do, “know,” however, that I am an energy being, eternal and indestructible.  The laws of Physics tell me so: Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but only transformed to a new state.  This is the attitude, I believe, that has saved me from the ravages of major illness.


About three years ago, I attended a seminar in Columbia, Maryland.  To this day, there’s only one thing I am able to recall from that evening.  In the middle of one of the talks the speaker made this statement: “The most important decision you can make at any instant of your life is: What to think next.”  This is a decision I must make hundreds of times in the course of a day.  I now know that whatever I decide will form the basis for my eventual attitude and, ultimately, my destiny – my health, my wealth and my wellbeing.  If I think angry, hateful or fearful thoughts, I will never achieve the kind of love and happiness that is really what most of us seek.  Today, whenever such thoughts enter my mind, I reject them immediately and replace them with pleasant, loving ones.  This is my key for creating my own destiny.  I try to be aware of where my thoughts are every second of the day, because I know that my attitudes and beliefs are sure to follow.


Ed Leary