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      The Free Energy Newsletter                      Futeck@TampaBay.RR.com                    October 1, 1999




Brand New Free Energy System


The newest Free energy device using new, revolutionary technology from Better World Technologies (BWT) could very well rewrite basic laws of physics.  The smaller device for the home has had very successful test results producing over unity energy (produces more electricity that actually it uses) for extended periods of time.


The tests were so successful that Dennis Lee, the driving force behind BWT, is permitting the public to submit an application for one of the devices before they go into production.  Dennis is not giving any guarantees, primarily because of powerful forces that control energy interests in this country, but everyone who applies will be placed in a first-in, first-out queue.  If all these forces can be aligned properly, everyone who applies will get one of the free energy systems installed at their location.  The device will include three modules: A power source, an electrical generator and battery.  The unit is about three feet in diameter and may be placed either inside of outside of the home.  It runs so quietly that you hardly know it's around.


This unit generates 15 kilowatts per hour.  The average all-electric home uses only 2 kilowatts per hour.  One condition before production is that BWT must be able to sell excess electricity to the power companies.


BWT is not currently selling the Free energy systems, but will arrange for their installation at your chosen location when the final version is available for.   The device will still be owned by BWT.

Information about how to sign up is currently being negotiated. A new organization called The National Union of American Families will be the registration organization. Here is a photo of the newest device: