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      The Free Energy Newsletter                      Futeck@TampaBay.RR.com                      October 1, 1998




Letter from the Editor


I’m sure that all of you, like myself, are wondering when cheap, pollution-free energy will be available.  I am already beginning to hear rumbles that it is already available in certain parts of the world like Japan and Germany, and even in a few corners of America.  As for Better World Technology (BWT), for which I am one of 2000 authorized dealers, the rumors are that 1999 is the year.  The BWT “Free Energy” units will provide all the electrical energy needed for your home independent of the power grid.  The Future Technology, Free Energy Newsletter is the place you will learn about “Free Energy” whenever and wherever it emerges.  So keep me informed if you have a change of address.  If you move, the newsletter will not be forwarded by the Post Office.

                                                                                        Ed Leary,

Editor & Publisher


Free Energy Sources


In past news letters we discussed the different ways that we can produce FREE electrical energy for each home using sun, wind and water.  In our most recent article, we wrote about Nikola Tesla’s technology that collected electromagnetic energy around the earth.  We mentioned where it may be found and how it may be collected.  This newsletter will discuss the nature of this energy and its qualities, god and bad.


Where it all Began


My first awareness of electromagnetic energy came from an ad in the New Age Journal.  The Ad read: “There is a gun pointed right at your head.”  That’s enough to get anyone’s attention.  They were talking about the electron gun that shoots electrons onto a phosphorus screen of a TV or computer screen.  Those electrons do not stop at the screen.  They go through the screen and at your head at extremely high velocities.


“Now I understand,” I thought, “why I feel so bad at the end of the day sitting at my computer with headaches, burning eyes and poor concentration.”  The ad was promoting a technology that was supposed to protect you from that radiation.  I bought it, and others I heard about, but nothing that I tried seemed to help.


Then I discovered “ScreenClear.”  ScreenClear is a three-plug power-strip that you plug you computer monitor into.  I tried it for a week, and I was amazed.  No more headaches, no more burning eyes and no more fatigue at the end of the day.  Some days I actually seemed to feel better at the end than at the beginning of my day.  Now, this raised some very interesting questions in my mind.  Why is this energy harmful one minute and beneficial at the next.


Harmful to Your Health


                                         Ed Leary