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Dimensions of Life

Part IV


In Part I we discussed the vibratory nature of the second component of our MEST world: energy. (MEST = Matter, Energy, Space and Time).

In Part II we concluded that matter—the solid objects around us including ourselves—are also energy and vibratory in nature.

In Part III we discussed the laws of Physics which prove that space is not a void but is filled with something physicists have chosen to call “ether.” We’ve also learned that this ether supports all manner of vibrations including light, sound, radio signals, TV signals, ourselves and our thoughts.

Possibly the most important idea to be learned from these three topics is that we need to view ourselves, the people and things around us as energy beings rather than as gross physical bodies.  Physics as well as religion have shown us that we are all made of the same stuff, and that, no matter what you call it -- ether, orgone, the “Force,” Chi, Prana, ECK or Spirit – we are all apart of that same whole.

The Enigma of Time

The 4th and final part of this series, time, has always been an enigma to me, mainly because of the what I’ve heard and read about it.  Metaphysics and some spiritual teachings will insist that “time is an illusion.”  An illusion is an erroneous belief, concept or condition where our minds, through some logical thought process, have arrived at an erroneous conclusion.  This view has always been very difficult for me to accept for most of my life, but I’m beginning to reexamine it.

Physicists, on the other hand, have shown mathematically that time is just another form of energy.  Below, we will examine both of these viewpoints.

Time as a Form of Energy

We may recall earlier when we wrote about Einstein and his famous E=MC2 formula and his Theory of Relativity.  Both theories dealt with the idea of two important factors we are concerned with here: Space and Time.

Though it may not be obvious, the formula E=MC2 means Energy is equal to Mass multiplied by the speed of light squared.  But speed means that light has traveled over a specified distance in a specific amount of time, or distance divided by time (d/t).  So we now discover that energy is actually dependant on time and visa-versa.  Mathematically we could actually solve this equation for time and discover that a period of time is dependant on mass (matter) and energy.

Time as an Illusion

Ever since I've entered this "Great Spiritual Adventure," called life, the words "rapid change" have been reflected in many of the teachings.  Change, of course, takes place over a period of time.  I've often heard words like "the speeding up of growth" and "the acceleration of time."  I understood very readily "the speeding up of my growth," and I've surely experienced the change.  "The acceleration of time" was not so easily understood.

Through so many lifetimes I have become so locked into meeting schedules, waiting in grocery lines, in government offices, and at cashier windows.  I’ve also waited to pay off this bill, be free of that mortgage, and buy that new car.  I’m always killing time waiting for the next event to occur.  Since I’ve never been a patient person, waiting for the next event has never been easy.  Time is certainly not an illusion when I‘m waiting for that lady in the checkout line to count all her coupons and write out her check.

But when I recall other times while I’m enjoying a good book, a good movie or spending hours with loved ones time shrinks to nothingness.

If time is an illusion then it must be something deep within my own sub-conscious.  If I can expand it like this or shrink it like that, then I must have a degree of control over time and, therefore, something that I can learn to conquer. 

What Other Writers Say

Many writers have written about time.  I’d like to quote a few of them here:

One of my favorite books on health and healing is Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber, M.D.  Here’s what he had to say about time.  “There is a concept of time which has been referred to as the ‘eternal now’ (or spacious present) whereby past, present and future may actually exist simultaneously but in different vibrational time frames.  It is possible that by shifting the frequency focus of one’s consciousness one may be able to tune into specific time frames outside of the present.  In actuality, by shifting one’s frequency focus, one may be [also] shifting his/her consciousness from the viewing perspective of the physical up to the astral, mental, causal and higher energetic levels which are all a part of our total energetic expression.”  If you want truly in-depth wisdom on health, read this book.

 When Dr. Gerber writes “shifting the frequency focus” he is saying essentially the same thing these newsletters have been writing about for years.  We have placed great emphasis on the importance of thought energy vibration and where we focus our attention at any given time.  Our attention oives that thought-form greater energy that has a strong influence on our future.

Too many people have written about their experiences of past lives and experiencing future events for me to doubt Dr. Gerber’s statement that “past, present and future may actually exist simultaneously.”

One of the best books I’ve ever read on the nature of our universe is called The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot.  In Michael Talbot’s book he shares fascinatine stories on time.  He writes about a Russian-born Pole, Stephan Ossowieccki, one of the most gifted clairvoyants who lived in the early 20th century.  While fully awake he had a vision of a past life where he was in a courtyard of a palace when a young attractive woman appeared.  As he looked at her he knew instantly that she was an Egyptian and daughter of a prince.  He could also visualize her husband as a tall, slender man.  Stephan also saw a sequence of visions on the woman’s life as though sitting watching a movie of her life.

This is just one of many stories Michael Talbot shares in his book.  He also shared his stories about the future.  He wrote of the experiments J. B. and Louisa Rhine who conducted experiments on predicting events.  They discovered that volunteers picked at random are able to name what cards would be picked randomly from a deck with a success rate much better than chance.  I’m sure we have all heard stories of psychics who predict future events more accurately than probability could predict.

How is this possible?

In his book The Flute of God, Paul Twitchell included a chapter called the “Book of Laws.”  Paul describes seven laws that govern these worlds we live in.  These are not necessarily physical laws as defined in physics, however laws of physics are in reality a mere reflection of strict spiritual laws of a higher vibration.  Law number six of the “Book of Laws” is called “the Law of Facsimiles which is an overlaying law of the Law of Attitudes… Now facsimiles deal with those pictures you took in [your] mind.  These pictures have been with you since you came into this world.  They will influence [you] in one way of another… These facsimiles are merely little units of energy which gather about the body, mind and soul.  They keep the attention of the individual ‘I’ on them, especially if they are bothersome pictures... The facsimile can control the individual to an extent that he becomes aberrated… Of course the flows of energy which are recorded in facsimiles are dead flows.  In order for them to have any power or life, a new flow of attention must be played over them by the individual.  So you see that no matter what is wrong with the individual, he is the one that is keeping it that way.  This comes in with cause and effect… The chief aspects of cause and effect are the positive and the negative.  When an individual is cause [for a good purpose] he is being positive; when he is [the] effect [of somebody else’s harmful cause] he is being negative.  The art of good picturization is the art of full beingness.”

Jesus taught this same idea when he said, “we reap what we sow.  Many of us may also recall Newton’s third law of motion which is a reflection of this higher law of cause and effect: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Nullifying Time

While wrestling with this idea of time, a book that I read many years ago popped into memory.  It was Paul Twitchell's science fiction novel The Talons of Time.  I simply had to pull it off my bookshelf and take a fresher look at this incredible adventure story.  I remember being so enthralled with the story that I couldn't put it down till I'd completed it.  And, as with every good science fiction story, there is always a strain of truth or some revelation about the future.  This novel is no exception.

This is a story of Peddar Zasqe and Sharir, "The Magician of Lo," and their encounter with the "Time Makers."  Sharir spoke to Peddar of a diary and the secrets hidden within it.  "What is it you are looking for in that diary?"  asked Peddar.  "If we would learn what "the Talons of Time" are then we could learn the whole secert of this strange phenomenon of nature (time)," replied Sharir. This was the beginning of Peddar's compelling journey, his encounter with the "Time Makers" and his quest for the diary that would reveal the secret of time.

During his adventure he meets the beautiful Laos who becomes his constant companion in his search for the diary.  After many months, their search leads to the palace of Kal Niranjan, Lord of the Underworlds.  While secretly scanning the dark corners of Kal's throne room, Laos spots a book.  "Could it be the diary we are searching for?  I'm afraid to look," said Loas nervously.  "I'll look," said Peddar reaching for the small book.  Excitedly he examined the fly leaf.  Finally he said: "This is the diary.  This is what we've been looking for, Loas.  Do you know what this means?  This is escape for us.  We must find a place of safety where we can read this wonderful book.”

They finally discover a secluded spot in the far end of the castle.  Peddar takes a seat in the dust and bids Loas to keep watch while he reads the contents.  Nervously he turns the leaf to the first page and begins to read.

"...Each moving body possesses its own standard of time and its own system of space to which an observer will always be in relation... Experience reveals the strange fluctuation of our sense of time when we approach the same fact from different points of view.  Time shortens during love affairs and increases during painful hours.

"...The movement of time is largely within ourselves.  This is one of the implants that the ‘Time Makers’ have put into the human race.  They have made us believe that the quick or slow passage of time is something subjective...

"...There is no fixed past, but everyone has his own fixed past and future.  We are terrified by the size of the structure and times which our thoughts create. 

"...Each observer lives in his own time, but the universe as a whole knows no time history.  It is the same yesterday, today and forever... The universe, though describable in space and time to an observer, is neither in space nor time.  This is the key to time..." 

"...In order to conquer these illusions we must be able to acquire new habits of thinking of the system as a whole.  In that case, there will be no time to bind us, but we can live in eternal freedom.” 

Here is what we’ve been stressing in these newsletters, that only our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs create the world we live in.  We can nullify time, and any other conditions we don’t like about our life, by thinking only thoughts that create the health, wealth, environment and state of well being that we really want to live in.

Ed Leary