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The Miracle II Challenge


What you are about to discover here is fact. These are the scientific facts behind the development and phenomenal success of Miracle II products.  These are the simple facts behind how a few, simple common sense changes incorporated in your daily hygiene regimen can have a profound and lasting impact on your health.

The Beginnings


The Miracle II story begins in Louisiana with a man by the name of Clayton Tedeton.  For over nine months he'd been suffering from the results of an automobile accident, unable to walk without losing his balance, hypersensitive to sound, and in almost constant pain. Then, after a night of desperate prayer, with the promise that he would "do whatever you want me to do" in return, Clayton woke up completely free of pain and full of energy. He'd experienced a miracle of healing.


Some years later he was mysteriously awakened at 1 AM in the morning.  Drowsily, he opened his eyes.  There scrawled in dazzling light across  his bedroom wall were a series of words and symbols that Clayton did not understand.  But he decided it looked important enough to write down.  After consulting scientists he learned that it was a formula that turned out to be the specifications for these amazing Miracle II products.  Shortly after these discoveries, he received the inner guidance to make these products available to the general public. 


One of the first products Clayton developed was a soap used as an industrial cleanser.  It turned out to be a powerful de greaser, and even a roach killer as well. Then people started reporting that the soap not only left their skin feeling really clean, but was also healing all kinds of skin conditions -  from burns to acne to psoriasis. After a while it was found that one part of the formula the Neutralizer, could be taken internally and would aid in completely neutralizing many illnesses.


As the reports carne in, Clayton began to keep track of the results people were getting. He still continues to be as amazed as everybody else. Not only were illnesses being purged, but the Miracle II products were helping plants grow better and cleaning up oil spills as well!  Currently, he is being sought after by agri business, environmentalists, and a variety corporations.


The Science of Miracle II


When I first bgan to have physical problem back in the 1960s, I had no idea why I had so many “colds.”  After the many years of study, I discovered that most of what I’d been hearing turned out to be false.  I’ve learned that what is being called “colds” for example is a totally misleading term.  The term implies that you can “catch a cold” by letting someone sneeze in your face, not dress warmly enough in winter, or getting wet feet.  While these experiences may be a final trigger, they are certainly not the root cause.  “Colds” should more properly be called a “detox” because it’s our body’s opportunity to purge itself of toxins that build up over a period of time.  Little of the food, if any, is actually absorbed by the body.


Dr. Hilton Hotema, madical practitioner, researcher and author, proved this in the early part of the last century.  He weighed all of the food that went into his body and all of the waste that came out and found that there was little or no difference.  Then what benefit does the body get from food, if any.  Dr. Hotema explained that all foods carry with them a unique vibration or frequency.  If that vibration is in harmony with the body accepting it, that some benefit is acquired.  But the solid part of the food is rejected.


If the vibration of the food is disharmonious to the body, then the body can be harmed by food.  A term for this phnomenon is called allergy.  Nearly everybody has at least one allergy, because not all foods are harmonious to all bodies.  I’ve been eating what I consider a healthy diet for many years now – mainly raw fruits and vegetables, and organic whenever possible.  Then I began to wonder why I was always tired and never felt that good after most of my meals.  So I went to an allergist who told me that I was allergic to nearly all the foods I was eating.  Even though I never had a serious reaction from the food, I still was little benefit from it.  Fortunately, the allergist I went to understood this and will be able to get rid me of my allergies entirely with special techniques.  All of this is a result of vibrations.


Chemical Aspects

Several years ago the creator of Miracle II products was approached by the Chemical and Biological Warfare Department (C&BWD) after hearing about his Neutralizer product's ability to neutralize cobra venom, a deadly nerve toxin, in less than one minute in tests performed at NE Louisiana University.  Rather that pay Clayton for royalties for using his formuls, the C&BWD back-engineer the Miracle II Neutralizer product and not give its creator any credit for his discovery or in any way acknowledges his cooperation with them.


The product that C&BWD developed cannot be taken internally, yet the Miracle II Neutralizer is completely safe for internal use and could be used to condition soldiers and people in harms way against toxic agents prior to exposure!


Below is an abstract from the March 8, 1999 issue of Chemical Engineering News, a weekly publication serving the chemical industry.


"Sandia National Laboratories chemist Maher E. Sandia and chemist Mark D. Tucker have developed a foam to decontaminate biological warfare agents. The chemical foam is a combination of a mild nucleophile commonly found in toothpaste, a positively charged non toxic surfactant often found in hair conditioners, and hydrotropes found in detergents.


A Nucleophile is a molecule that has electrons that they can share making it possible to bond with alkylating agents.  It is believed that germs and viruses cannot live in an alkaline system.

A Surfactant is an agent that lowers the surface tension of a solvent in which it is dissolved or the tension at the interface between two liquids.  One purpose of a Surfactant is to improve the absorbability of a substance which can be invaluable in assisting the body to absorb nutrients. Ash of Doedecyl Solution found in Miracle II is a Surfacant.


Hydrotropes help to speed up chemical actions and make it easier for substances to dissolve in solution.


A clue as to how the manufacturers mufti phase plasma arc and electronic process transforms the properties of the surfactant is on the bottle: stabilized oxygen and ash of dodecyl sulfate (a surfactant). Those of you who follow the Edgar Cayce health readings will recall that Cayce had a cancer remedy based on something he called "animated ash." Animated ash was a form .of bamboo that was reduced to activated charcoal by means of a partial vacuum electrical carbon arc process. The resulting ash was taken internally. Coconut husk derived activated charcoal is the preferred form of charcoal for water and air filtration. Miracle II products all contain an electrically treated coconut based surfactant in addition to the ash of dodecyl sulfate. Basically the manufacturers mufti phase plasma arc process carbonizes and reforms the surfactant into an activated form through elemental transformational charge cluster dynamics.


We carbonized some doceyl sulphate in our lab and lo and behold when we added it into some water it still had surfactant properties and was still able to reduce the surface tension of water! So what is this Carbon Ash.  It is a form of dielectric (electrical insulator) carbon capable of affixing copious quantities of oxygen to its structure in a form usable by the body. It is a strong oxygenator that when diluted in water possessing reduced surface tension, allows it reach all parts of the body very quickly. This hydrated charge clustered form of paramagnetic oxygen is electronegative and as such when attached to hemoglobin is dispersed and diffused to the body faster and in greater quantities due to the action of the reduced surface tension water! Thus Miracle II products have a distinct advantage over the older Cayce preparation.


Testing of the foam against the nerve gases VX and Soman and against mustard gas was conducted by Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago because Sandia can only use stimulants.  Soman being neutralized very quickly and mustard gas reacting much more slowly," Tadros explains.


Using a stimulant for the biological warfare agent anthrax, the foam achieved a 7 log kill, meaning only one anthrax spore of 10 million is alive after one hour. IIT will test live anthrax next month.  Anthrax is a deadly infectious disease found in both wild and domesticated animals that can also be transmitted to man.


How the spores are killed is not known. Researchers speculate that the surfactants damage the spores protective protein wall and allow the oxidizing agents to attack the genetic material inside.  The foam's development is part of the Department of Energy's Chemical & Biological Nonproliferation Program."


The article discloses a product developed by Sandia Labs for the Biological and Chemical Warfare Division of the US Military under the auspices of the DOE. The product is a combination of a peroxide gel found in toothpaste -- a foaming anent commonly used in tire tightening and a FDA approved food grade surfactant commonly found in shampoo, conditioners and different food stuffs and hydrotropes found in detergents. Obviously the product neutralizes the most potent nerve toxins and airborne pathogens known to man. The product acts to neutralize these agents and cleanse them from the skin like an antibacterial soap, but it is not a soap. We spoke with one of the product developers.


Dr. Mark Tucker. His explanation was that the peroxide gel, an oxidizing agent in conjunction with the surfactant and hydrotrope, surrounds the organism or chemical agent, oxidizes it and will not allow it to interact with it's environment, effectively neutralizing the toxic agent. The surfactant, hvdrotrope combination, is apparently very selective in seeking out only toxins and gram positive pathogens. This is not an antioxidant action, quite the opposite, if peroxide is present.  Likewise, it appears we are looking at the missing ingredients in peroxide and ozone therapy that would keep these strong oxidizers from harming the body after they have oxidized pathogens and oxygenated the body    the surfactant and hydrotrope.

We know that the body's T cells [aide in the production of antibodies] dispatch pathogens and we know that the body and cells manufacture and use surfactants in places like the lungs to regulate oxygen carbon dioxide exchange and in the surface of the cell wall to reduce surface tension in the wrier layer surrounding the cell membrane. This is necessary for cellular functioning and communications. Could it be that the surfactant in the lungs has an anti microbial and anti toxin function that has eluded science to date? It would appear that biochemists as well as the medical community may have missed these connections in terms of a surfactant hvdrotrope role in human health.


Clayton's literature recommends using seven drops of the Neutralizer to one glass of water daily to facilitate healing of most illnesses (including arthritis, Chrone's Disease, and tumors). Of course, it's important to keep in mind that what's helped one person may not necessarily help everyone, but, still, it's worth a try.


How does it work? A naturopath did some testing of the Miracle II products and found that they have a very high ph level, which means that they're very alkaline in nature. Many people believe that most disease results from an overly acidic condition in the blood (the result of eating too much meat and sugar, drinking alcohol, etc., and generally being so toxic that the immune system can't function properly). So perhaps the Miracle II products improve health by improving the ph balance or the body. Maybe that's the secret. Clayton believes that the secret is God. He even lists prayer as one of his ingredients. If only half the miracles people knave reported are true, he may be right.

Electrical Aspects

Hemoglobin is of course the oxygen carrier for the body. Oxygen carbondioxide exchange is an electromagnetic process involving a surfactant as well. Oxygen is strongly paramagnetic (subtly magnetic). When oxygen levels to body tissues drop, chemical efficiency declines. Cancer is a condition that depends on reducing conditions and low electromagnetic current flow to manifest. This information gives strong credence to direct blood electrification technologies used in Miracle II production. 


We now know that the body produces the magnetic mineral magnetite and that magnetite is present in small quantities in virtually every cell in the body. They play roles ranging from shielding mechanisms and sensory mechanisms to trigger essential enzyme reactions. And these roles are not just tied to ferromagnetic materials like magnetite. Every non  ferromagnetic substance exhibits paramagnetic or diamagnetic (qualities of an insulator).  Biochemistry has paid absolutely no attention to this or the ability of applied magnetic or electrical fields to influence the chemistry of the body. 


The Free Radical is a broken fragment of a molecule , highly activatedbecause of an abnormal imbalance in itsatomic electrons or an unpaired electron.  This fact makes it extremely unstable permitting it to react easily with other molecules.  The free radical theory of aging is a concept of aging based on the premise that the main cause of aging is an imbalance between the production and the elimination of free radicals in the body tissues.


Free radicals are the primary cause of the phenomenon known as oxidation.  Oxidation, simply put, is a chemical reaction in which oxygen combines with another substance, steals an electron from it and destroys the substance.  A chain reation may ensue as each broken cell produces another free radical.  This is what happens to our cells when a free radical attacks.


Where do free radicals come from.  They are perfectly normal, often beneficial to our bodies, that can be destroyed by radiation, toxic substances like harsh chemicals, drugs, pollutants, over-heated or rancid oils like vitamin A, D or E.  Free radicals can also be created within the cells when they contain either too much or too little oxygen.


The free radical theory will remain incomplete until it adequately addresses the electrical aspects of compounds and cells. The issue is not just electrical charges found in chemistry, it must include polar magnetic effects   not just electrical induction, but magnetic induction and the effects it has on a substance's magnetic susceptibility. Last year one of the journals of chemistry published an article stating it was looking more and more like it was the fields surrounding a substance (field resonance) that were doing the work and not the chemical substance itself.  The gross physical substance appeared to be contributing only to the side effects that are often harmful to the body.  And medicine is still saying that there is nothing to Homeopathy which deals with vibration and electrical frequencies. They haven't studied the magnetic susceptibility relationships!


The Miracle II Manufacturing Process


What is the process used in developing these products? After the surfactants (Ash Dedecyl solution) and natural excipients (calcium, magnecium, and potassium) have been mixed in their proper proportions in water, they are first transformed via multi phase plasma arc process. Next the slurry is pumped through a radio frequency descaling device that raises the electrokinetic energy (or Zeta Potential) of the treated surfactant molecules and degauss (demagnetize) any previous magnetically stored information that may be detrimental to health. The slurry is then exposed to a radionics unit tuned to the resonant signatures of a highly potentiated and concentrated form of living Aloe Vera extract. This device imparts the resonant field information contained in all the known vitamins, essential amino acids, enzvmes and all the known trace minerals in their natural beneficial portions. Repeating what was stated earlier, that the journal of chemistry published an article stating it was looking more and more like it was the fields surrounding a substance (field resonance) that were doing the work and not the chemical substance itself.  The gross physical substance appeared to be contributing only to the side effects that are often harmful to the body.  This means that by using the Miracle II products, our bodies are benefiting from all the known vitamins, essential amino acids, enzvmes and all the known trace minerals in their natural beneficial portions.


The other half of this energy producing mechanism within the body involving Miracle II that is not currently recognized by western physiology and biochemistry is plasma discharge charge cluster dynamics. The human body is largely composed of water. The body fluids contain quantities of electrolyte and insoluable trace Minerals. We know that water can be used as a fuel when water is split into hydrogen and oxygen and recombined to yield heat, light and water once again. Water is usually split by electrolysis in a fuel cell. Science is now realizing that plasma charge cluster dynamics and elemental transformations are taking place in minerals in the water and in the cell electrodes. Literally, they form highly energetic transformed mineral charge clusters. We know that chemical electrolysis takes place in the body all the time. Many fuel cells use surfactants in the water to help with the reaction.


As an experiment we placed some Miracle II Neutralizer in an open 9V electrolysis cell to see what happened. The electrolytic reaction increased by a power of 10 over a normal ration and pH matched alkaline electrolyte!.  We don't know if what was out Gassing off the electrodes was only hydrogen and oxygen and we do not know if this electrochemical reaction is going on in the body. We do know that the manufacturer's process involves charge clustering and reformation of the surfactant and minerals in the water. It could very well be that when the body's chemical electrolysis process is combined with the charge clustered reformed surfactant, efficiencies may increase several fold. This would also explain the detoxification effects. Toxic chemicals would literally be broken down and transformed into benign or usable beneficial byproducts by the action of the charge clusters.


Ed Leary