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Can Radiation Be beneficial?


For decades, studies have shown that whenever one form of energy, such as EMF radiation, encounters another form of energy, such as human biological energy, changes inevitably occur.  From all indications in studies conducted thus far, the kind of radiation that results from the use of 60 cycle alternating current, which is used exclusively in this country, can be extremely hazardous.  But is all radiation harmful?  Is it possible to produce beneficial radiation?


Early in this century, a handful of research scientists conducted intensive experiments exposing living tissue to a broad variety of vibrations ranging from high frequency, short wave radiation to low frequency, long wave radiation.  They have found that when the radiation emits a frequency that is in harmony with specific living tissue, which radiates its own unique frequencies, an abatement of dis-ease, can take place. 



Royal Rife’s Discoveries

In the 1940's Dr. Royal R. Rife, a research scientist experimenting with the effects of electromagnetic radiation on living organisms, discovered that radiation of a specific frequency could destroy bacteria, yet leave other living tissues unharmed.  He was extremely successful in destroying bacteria and viruses which were causing cancer and other illnesses.


Undaunted by his rejection by the AMA and more traditional practitioners, Rife and his associates continued to improve his frequency generator.  Finally, in the 1960's, one of his units was presented to the California Public Health Department who tested it at the following testing facilities: The Palo Alto Detection Laboratory, The Kalbfeld Laboratory, The UCLA Medical Laboratory and The San Diego Testing Laboratory.  The results of these tests proved the device safe to use.


Medical Doctors, researchers, clinics and hospitals had all used the Rife device and displayed great enthusiasm over their results.  Most who tested it were convinced of its ability to destroy cancer cells with a simple 3 minute application every third day.  Complete cures had taken place in less that 3 months.  In spite of Rife's initial success, the AMA banned use of the device.  Eventually, the authorities invaded Rife's laboratory, destroyed his equipment and his records and arrested his associates.


Rife Rediscovered

For a time it was believed that the 50 years of valuable research by Rife was totally lost.  But certain courageous physicians continued to defy the mandate of the AMA.  Dr. Milbank Johnson, professor of physiology and clinical medicine at the University of Southern California, successfully treated cancer patients at his own clinic for the ten years preceding his death.  After Johnson's death Dr. James Couche of San Diego took over his work and continued to use the Rife equipment for the next 22 years.


Testimonials on the Rife Frequency Generator

Much of the success attained through the use of the Rife generator is well documented by both doctors and patients.  The list of doctors reads like a "Who's Who" of medical research.  Dr. Couche was especially meticulous in recording his experiences with the Rife equipment.  Abstracts from his records follow:


"I would like to make this historical record of the amazing scientific wonders regarding the efficacy of the frequencies of the Royal R. Rife Frequency Instrument...  In that period of time I saw many things and the one that impressed me the most was a man who staggered onto a table, just on the last end of cancer; he was a bag of bones. As he lay on the table, Dr. Rife said, `Just feel that man's stomach.'  So I put my hand on the cavity... this backbone and his belly were just about touching each other... However they gave him a treatment with the Rife frequencies and in the course of time over a period of six weeks to two months, to my astonishment, he completely recovered...


Another user of the Rife Instrument, Dr. Charles Tulley of San Diego, has also recorded his experiences.  "My first definite investigation was in that of my own case of prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate); I tried medicines.  A qualified urologist gave me gantrisin, penicillin, aureomycin, chloromycin terramycin, with various results, but the drugs did not do the job.  The Frequency Instrument cured my case quickly.  I then used the Frequency Instrument on a friend of mine who was being rushed to the hospital for a prostate operation.  He is perfectly well today without any operation or further medical aide.


The Work of Hulda Clark

As early as the 1950s, Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D., ND, has been studying biophysics, cell physiology and the effects of electromagnetic radiation on a broad spectrum of viruses, germs and fungi.  In 1995 ProMotion Publishing of San Diego published her book The Cure for All Diseases.  In this land mark publication she spelled out in precise detail what frequency of electromagnetic radiation would destroy which organism.  She backs this up with dozens of stories about her experiences in applying specific frequencies to specific organisms and the results she achieved


     Work of Ethyl Starbard

In 1956, a lady by the name of Ethyl Starbard was a very sick woman.  The diagnosis of her physician indicated that she had an intolerance of many pollutants found in the fresh fruit and vegetables she was eating. 

She and her physician conducted a chemical analysis of supermarket fruit, namely apples, oranges and bananas.  They tested for 20 pollutants.  The apples they tested had all 20 pollutants, the oranges had 16, and the bananas had only 7.  They then  began to expose the fruit to various kinds of radiation fields.  As they tested many kinds of radiation, they became increasingly discouraged, until one day, purely by accident, they discovered that when the fruit was placed near specific vegitation and minerals on the earth, the pollution was no longer in the fruit. 

     A friend of Ethyl, Irma's grandmother had a very severe case of arthritis.  It had been years since she was able to raise her arm above her shoulder.  Irma exposed her grandmother's arm to magnetic radiation for about a half an hour.  She could then raise her arm above her head with little pain.


Harmful vs. Beneficial Radiation

Why is some magnetic radiation harmful and why is other's beneficial?  There have been experiments theories over the years to attempt to answer this question.  According to Ethel Starbard, who has been observing the effects of natural cosmic radiation since 1956, says it is due to the polarity of atomic radiation that determines whether it will be harmful or beneficial to humans.  Ethel believes that atoms in the cells of human tissue vibrate in a clockwise fashion.  When the body is injured, or becomes ill, they flow counter-clockwise.  The exposure of injured tissue to atoms vibrating in a clockwise direction, as in natural radiation, will polarize the injured tissue to return to normal.  Predatory insects, on the other hand, have atoms vibrating in a counter-clockwise direction and find it intolerable when exposed to a clockwise flow of atoms.


Reemergence of Rife Technology

For brief periods during the 1980s and 90s, the technology would briefly reemerge and be made available to the general public, then disappear again.  Now, once again, new, more sophisticated Rife technology is beginning to appear on the Internet and be made available to the public.  Future Technologies of Sun City, Maryland is one organization that has recently begun testing one of the better devices (Now available for $1495)  This Rife technology is designed to generate a broad range of frequencies that have been known to have an effect on certain types of bacteria, viruses and fungi.  Anyone who is interested in being invloved in this testing is invited to contact Future Technologies.


Is 60 Cycle Household Electricity Really Harmful?

Many studies have shown that exposure to electromagnetic energy being radiated from computer monitors, televisions and many other devices has been linked to cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.  Attempts to shield the user from this radiation have proven ineffective since it would require several inches of lead between the device and the user.  The researchers of Clarus technology, however, have taken a different approach.  They proved that it’s not the device that is at fault, but rather the distorted condition of the 60-cycle A/C current itself that is the culprit.  Teams of researchers have proven that the distorted condition of the 60-cycle A/C current signal coming into a household or business can have a negative affect on the health of the user.


The PowerClear System 3

The PowerClear, formerly called ScreenClear, looks like an ordinary power strip, but it’s a lot more than that.  While it doesn’t eliminate the magnetic energy radiating from computer monitors, televisions and other electrical devices, it does clean up the signal so that it reduces, or eliminates entirely, the damaging effect it could have on the user’s health.  It has been shown that the new, clean 60-cycle A/C current is actually beneficial to both man and machine.  Here is what users are saying about PowerClear:


“The exciting aspect about using PowerClear is to experience clarity of mind and minimum fatigue after working 10 to 12 hours on my computer.  This is a new experience for me.”  (Earl Bell, Operations Manager at California Newspaper).


“My high resolution, full size monitor seems sharper and clearer.  I am able to work longer with less eyestrain and fatigue.  Our AppleTalk network seems to be running faster.  It seems to be having fewer errors. I want PowerClear on every computer in my company.”  (Todd Bowers, MISS Director at a California Medical Center)


On a typical day of spending 3 to 4 hours in front of my computer monitor, I found myself thinking at a much slower pace with poor concentration and making lots of typing errors.  Since I’ve been using PowerClear my mental alertness, typing and analytical problem solving is just as fast at it was at the beginning of the day.  (Ed Leary, Computer Specialist at the Social Security Administration in Baltimore Maryland).


PowerClear is available in two sizes: PowerClear as a 3-plug strip ($99) and a 6-plug strip ($119).


Still More Electronic Pollution

Every function of our bodies, from heartbeat to motor skills, is dependent upon very subtle electrical signals from the brain.  It has been suggested that these very subtle signals are being disrupted by all forms of electromagnetic transmissions for radio, television, microwave, cell phone, etc.  It has also been suggested that these could be a cause in the escalation of many of the serious illnesses the world is currently experiencing.

     The electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies is called our aura.  This is the only protection we have from the harmful energies around us, since the natural energy of the earth has grown too weak and polluted so that it offers little help.


ClearWave Environmental Systems

ClearWave appears to be just a regular clock that only tells time and wakes you up in the morning, but, in addition, it creates a positive, beneficial energy field that seems to have a different effect for each individual.  By creating strong, positive energy fields around a home or workplace, the ClearWave helps to cancel out the negative energy of all forms that come across a property, in addition to strengthening the aura of anyone within its field.


The ClearWave Environmental System comes in three models:


ClearWave Environmental System Regular which creates an energy field covering an area of 1,500 square feet ($195), ClearWave Environmental System Pro which creates an energy field covering 2,500 square feet ($279), and ClearWave Environmental System Portable, with a rechargeable battery lasting 12 to 15 hours, that also covers an area of 2,500 square feet ($329).


       The Q-Link Pendant

The Q-Link is an attractive pendant that hangs around the neck and creates an omni-directional, subtle energy field extending approximately 2.5 feet around the entire body of the person wearing it ($129).



                                         Ed Leary