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The Body Snatchers Part IV


This Body Snatchers series was based, to a large degree, on the groundbreaking research of Dr. Hulda Clark as it was documented in her book The Cure for all Diseases. One of her opening paragraphs was such an incredible revelation for me that I'd like to repeat parts of it here.


"No matter how long and confusing is the list of symptoms a person has, from chronic fatigue to infertility to mental problems, I am sure to find only two things wrong: they have in them pollutants and/or parasites. I never find lack of exercise, vitamin deficiencies, hormone levels or anything else to be a primary causative factor."


I would also like to repeat a paragraph from the book of Dr. Hal A. Huggins, author of It's all In Your Head. During his research to discover why mercury is so devastating to our health, Dr Huggins discovered that the mercury itself does not cause illness, but rather the electromagnetic energy radiating from the mercury. "Mercury [energy] kills cells by interfering with their ability to exchange oxygen, nutrients, and waste through the cell membrane” wrote Dr. Huggins.


“Inside the cell, mercury destroys our genetic code, DNA, leaving us without the ability to reproduce that cell ever again. Immunologically, mercury embeds itself in a cell membrane, giving the cell the appearance of being a 'nonself,' which is the trigger for the immune system to destroy that specific cell. With mercury in your cell membranes, the immune system will start destroying your own tissues, thus the term autoimmune disease… Mercury can interfere with nerve impulse transmissions, causing organs to get wrong messages. This may be related to frequent memory problems. Mercury can become attached to hormones and deactivate them, even though blood tests say that plenty of hormone is present. Many hormonal deficiencies, including thyroid, pancreas, and sex hormones, are the result of this process… When mercury interferes with energy production and oxygen transport, all cells are affected."


Heavy Metal Remedies

When I first tested positive for 24 different heavy metals, I was being treated by a medical doctor who had a strong background in alternate methods of treatment. Unfortunately, she had no experience with riding the body of heavy metals. This led me to suspect that most physicians would be of little help, since it’s not in their traditional procedure to test for pollution or parasites in the body. Many remedies have been suggested by those who have done the groundbreaking research for chelation or removal of heavy metals. Incidentally, practically all of the elements in our Periodic Table of Elements are heavy metals. Only a few of the lighter elements like hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen may be excluded.


If a patient of Dr. Clark had metal fillings in their teeth, her first suggested remedy would be to replace the filing with a nontoxic ceramic or glass. Since few people can afford this process, I suggest the faithful ingestion of Miracle II Neutralizer. If you can’t remove the hazard, Miracle II will at least reduce or remove the mercury’s effect. Secondly, Dr. Clark might suggest a patient remove heavy metals, as much as possible from their life: aluminum, copper or stainless steal pots, pans, or flatware (refer to a previous issue of Future Technologies Newsletter for the sources of heavy metal pollution.).


For removing heavy metals that are already in the body, Dr. Clark suggested EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra ocetate) chelation therapy. If taken intravenously, this can be an expensive and time-consuming remedy, but effective, according to Dr. Clark. Oral EDTA chelation is also available which is much less expensive and more convenient. Its effectiveness has been debated. At least one user felt it is actually more effective than intravenously. Researchers have found that chelators such as DMPS or DMSA also are effective in certain individuals. Some researchers believe DMSA has less adverse side effects than DMPS. Natures Sunshine, after years of research, have recently introduced an herbal Heavy Metal Detox product (Available through Future Technologies). This is one of the more reputable companies in the field. I’ve been using their products for years, and I find them extremely effective. Unfortunately, a remedy that works for one person, may not work for another. We are breaking new ground here and I usually keep trying the different remedies until I find one that works for me.


About 6 months ago I had all my metal fillings removed. It was very expensive, but, in my opinion, worth the cost. I realize that many cannot afford the cost. It was difficult for me. But here’s another, and ,possibly, the most important benefit of the Miracle II Neutralizer. My Dentist (Dr William DeLong of Columbia,FL) said the element Mercury is not what causes the damage, but rather the electromagnetic energy that it radiates. If the Neutralizer’s powerful energy can neutralize anthrax and many other toxic, wartime chemicals, it can surely neutralize most metals in the Periodic Table.


Getting Rid of Parasites

Dr. Clark has detailed two primary methods for destroying and expelling parasites from the body. She has done more research on detecting and destroying parasites than anyone else I know. She has catalogued the energy frequencies for hundreds of different parasites. She also discovered that she could destroy the parasite if she subjected it to a specific frequency. Over the years she has been improving her electronic unit she calls “The Zapper” which will destroy many of the more common parasites. She has the plans for her Zapper in her book The Cure for all Diseases. She also sells an advanced version of her Zapper that may be found on her Web site (www.drclark,com). The second method that Dr. Clark suggests for destroying parasites is an herbal one. Most importantly she recommends black walnut hulls in combination with the herbs cloves and wormwood. She now has an extra-strength black walnut hull tincture that is effective against most parasites.


How Can Miracle II Help?

How I use the Neutralizer

Internally When I first started to use the Neutralizer, I was putting10 drops in water, juice, soup or any liquid or whenever I consumed a liquid. Once I felt comfortable that I was not experiencing any healing crisis, I would increase the dosage gradually to 1/2 an ounce or more over a period of a year. A healing crisis is the result of the body rejecting toxins that have accumulated over the years. It may take the form of an old problem illness from the past: joint pain, indigestion, cold or flu symptoms, etc. Unless they persist, this should not concern you. It's a normal reaction, and the dosage may be reduced or continued until the symptoms subside. I did experience a few minor discomforts, but they disappeared in a few days. After the healing crisis had passed, I increased the amount gradually. Right now I am taking as much as six ounces a day with no ill effects. Clayton Tedeton, Miracle II’s owner, believes it’s not possible to have any damaging effects no matter how much you take. After 20 years of testing, this has proven to be true. Since I started taking the Neutralizer I haven’t had a cold, flu or any other illnesses. It has been an amazing immune system booster. It seems to accomplish a similar function as the white blood cells by seeking out the body’s invaders and neutralizing their effect.


Other Neutralizer Uses

I also use the Neutralizer as a mouth wash, undiluted -- full strength. I used to have a serious problem with pyorrhea and inflamed gums that would last for weeks. I seldom get it any more, and if I do, it never lasts long. I also place Neutralizer into a spray bottle. I use this Neutralizer to spray in my ears when they get stopped up. It loosens the hard wax so it may be removed easily. Since I’ve been spraying it on my hair, it has turned much darker and I have much less hair loss. I am hopeful that I may grow some new hair eventually. It also eliminates static cling. I put an ounce of Neutralizer in a gallon of water along with an ounce of Miracle II soap. This I spray on my plants to destroy fungus and repel insects. Growth seems to be better also.


Neutalizer Gel

I’ve had excellent success using the Neutralizer Gel. When I returned from the Health Expo in Washington DC last year my muscles were so stiff and cramped I could hardly stand up. I rubbed a generous portion of the Gel on them and within a minute the cramps were gone, never to return that day. A few mornings ago I got out of bed with such back pain that I couldn’t stand up straight. I rubbed Gel on the muscles that were hurting and within a minute I was able to straighten up. I gave a second application about two hours later, and the pain nearly disappeared entirely. It was the muscles in my sides and back that caused the pain. If the pain is caused by a joint problem it will take much longer – probably months. The Gel also seems to be effective for virtually any skin problem. I’ve used it for fungus, insect bites, skin rash, itching skin, scaling skin, and many others. Clayton says it’s also good for acne, age spots, athletes foot, bed sores, burns & cuts, bruises, Candida, Cellulite, complexion, dandruff, Diaper rash, dry skin, fever blisters, Hemorrhoids, Herpes, Hives, Gout, Jock itch, poison Ivy/Oak, and psoriasis. I also use the Gel as a toothpaste: one dab of the Gel and one drop of the Miracle II soap. My teeth have never felt cleaner or looked whiter. My dentist had been commenting that he would have to do something about my receding gums. During my last visit he seemed surprised how good well that problem was solving itself. I’ve heard that the Gel dissolves plaque. During my last cleaning, the dental assistant found very little plaque when she clean cleaned my teeth, so the “dissolve plaque” rumor must be true. I am very happy with the effectiveness of the Gel and the Neutralizer as a mouthwash. Recently, I started to use the Gel as a body lotion before I apply the Miracle II skin moisturizer. My skin seems smother and the finer wrinkles seem to be less.


The owner of the Miracle II formula, has told me many stories about the users of the Gel. He just recently began to market the products in Saudi Arabia where Ringworm is epidemic. Even the Camels have it. They are spreading the Gel on the infection daily and the problem disappears in less than 2 weeks. He also said the daughter of one of the Sheiks had an extremely painful third degree burn. They applied the Gel and in just a few days a scab had formed. A few days later the scab fell off and underneath was new, completely healed skin. I recently learned that the Neutralizer has 10 times more neutralizing energy than the soaps and the moisturizing lotion, and that the Gel has 4 times more neutralizing energy than the Neutralizer. This would certainly account for the incredible effectiveness of the Gel.


Moisturizing Soap

I use this soap for all my personal cleansing: shower, shampoo, etc. Regular soap used to make my skin very dry. Miracle II makes my skin silky smooth. For anyone who has oily skin I would suggest the regular non-moisturizing soap. Non-Moisturizing Soap I use this soap for all of my household cleaning chores: dishes, laundry (if you don't have a Miracle II laundry ball), oven, counter top, rug shampoo, auto wash, etc.

Ed Leary