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Renewing Health Vows

This monthís issue will review basic required practices that promote a healthy life. Iíve realized that many of the things I do for my health constitute avoiding environmental hazards, which are many. Iíll begin with the most important ones.

1. Drink More Water

We all feel much better after a good bath or shower. Itís even more important to keep our internal vital organs washed clean. Our bodies know how to do this but only if it has enough water. Water is required to bring nutrients to the cells as well as to carry toxins and waste from the body. The root cause of all illness is the buildup of toxins in some major organ in the body. Without water itís impossible for the body to perform its natural functions.

2. Exercise

The second most important thing I do for my physical well being is exercise and itís not strenuous or time consuming. I spend about five minutes at a time, three times a day. I begin my day with a 5-minute jump on a small trampoline. The up and down motion of the body places gentle pressure on every organ in the body. This action and the gentle pressure also acts as a pump for the Lymph system. The Lymph system has no pump. The only way the Lymph system can remove toxins is through proper movements of the physical body like jogging or aerobics.

Stress is a major cause of illness. At the end of my workday, every muscle in my body is tense quite often to the point of exhaustion. One of the most important exercises I do takes place immediately after work. Stretching those tense muscles is the quickest way to reduce their stress. Once Iím done the exercises, Iím no longer tired. I only spend five minutes on this exercise.

My third 5-minute exercise is very light weight training; just enough to put pressure in the joints and keep the muscles in tone.

3. Diet

When most people hear the word diet they think about eating the foods that contain all of the nutrients required to maintain the bodyís health. This is only one aspect of diet. The second is eating foods that have the least amount of toxins or elements our bodies canít use. Unfortunately, most foods today take more energy to process than is provided to the body by the food being ingested. Raw fruits seem to give me more energy than any other food. It is easily digested, plus it has its own enzymes to help with the process of digestion. As our bodies grow older, they no longer produce all of the enzymes needed for proper digestion. Few processed foods digested sufficiently enough to extract needed nutrients.

Eating habits are often to blame for this. Many naturopathic dietitians insist that 80% of the digestive process takes place in the mouth. In order for the body to digest food properly, they say, it must receive the food in a liquefied form. This is seldom possible without sufficient chewing.

I am absolutely convinced that, if given half a chance, the body will heal itself. First of all, this means stop putting all of that toxic food into our bodies. If I have a chronic or serious physical problem, I start by drinking only distilled water for three days, then follow this with a week or two of only fresh fruit and vegetable juices. I continue this for as long as it takes to get rid of the problem.

4. Supplements

Do the foods that we eat have sufficient nutrients to supply the body with what it needs?Rodale, the leading advocate of organic gardening, has conducted extensive research into the nutrients in todayís foods as compared to 50 years ago before commercial farming was introduced using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Rodale has found that modern commercial farming methods produce food that is grown in soils that are toxic and severely deficient in the trace elements. When the vital trace elements such as copper, boron, iron, magnesia and zinc are absent from the soil, the plants grown in such soil will be deficient in nutrients. Modern commercial methods use chemical fertilizers that usually replace only Nitrogen, Potash and Phosphorous.

Organic farming methods usually do replace the trace elements in the soil through various composting methods or using organic fertilizers. Rodale has shown that organic foods do contain many of the nutrients that are absent in commercial produce.

5. Clean Air

Our planet has less than half the oxygen in the air we breathe than we had 100 years ago. Thousands of acres of trees and forests are destroyed every year. The lumber companies that destroy them never replace Ninety percent of them. Trees are a major source for oxygen. Burning fossil fuels, besides polluting the air, removes mass quantities of oxygen. Our beautiful planet is in crisis trying to deal with our abuses.

In spite of this high level of pollution in our outdoor environment, our indoor environment is even more polluted. Pollution inside of our homes has many sources: Bacteria from molds and mildew wherever moisture accumulates in the home, chemical fumes from all detergents and cleaners (unless you are using Miracle II products), air freshener (can be highly toxic), cigarette smoke (contains nearly 1000 chemicals), animal hair and dander, combustion of any fuel from your furnace, gas log or wood-burning fireplace, fumes from paints, solvents and pesticides, and there can be fumes from your furniture, carpets and even the building itself.

One thing that can help is to purchase a good air purifier and oxygenator. Many of our appliance stores have them. I purchased one many years ago that removes pollution from the air as well as replacing the oxygen. I keep a lot of plants in my house in the wintertime which also helps. Certain plants also help to remove pollution from the air like Golden Pathos, Philodendron and Spider Plants. A number of supplements on the market are also effective in making oxygen available to the cells.

6. Electromagnetic Environment.

Every function of our bodies, from heartbeat to motor skills, is dependent upon very subtle electrical signals from the brain and the solar plexus. I am convinced that these very subtle signals are being disrupted by all forms of electromagnetic transmissions from radio, television, microwave, cell phone, etc.What if I had cancer or heart disease, for example?Suppose the brain is alerted to this problem and sends electrical signals to correct the problem, but a microwave or TV transmission disrupts those signals?Maybe the signal is distorted and gives the wrong message. The healing doesn't take place. I am also convinced that these transmissions are causing the escalation of many of the serious illnesses the world is currently experiencing.

The electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies is called our aura. This is the only protection we have from harmful energies. The practice of meditation can strengthen this protection and is highly advisable for spiritual as well as physical health. Monastery monks sing their chants with amazing results. I sing the word HU aloud or silently to myself.

7. Attitude

Attitude is being addressed last of all even though I am feeling more and more that attitude has the ability to perform miraculous healings. I say this because of what I have read as well as my own personal experience.

After over 25 years of research into attitude and its effect on my health, I could come to only one conclusion. I must maintain a positive attitude toward, not only my bodyís ability to keep me healthy, but all experiences in life. I often tend to get upset while attempting to solve the endless stream of daily problems: earning a living, paying my bills, and dealing with personal relationships at home, at work and in everyday transactions. All of these have the potential to call up destructive emotions like fear, anger, hate, depression, lust, greed and vanity.

Whenever I react such emotions, my adrenal glands secrete up to 28 hormones effecting virtually every system in my body, depending on how long I am in this state. My heart begins to pump more blood. My lungs begin to pump more oxygen and fuel to my body tissues. Lung passages dilate. More sugar is released into the bloodstream. Systolic blood pressure is increased. Time for blood coagulation decreases. Stomach and intestines contract and immobilize. And, possibly worst of all, the thymus gland withers. (From The Encyclopedia of Natural Health by Joseph B. Marion)

Your Immune System

The thymus gland is the executive controller of my immune system. It musters all of my bodyís defenses when a foreign invader enters my body. This is one of the areas where Miracle II Neutralizer can help since it is designed to seek out negative energy wherever it is found in the body.

Several years ago, the developer of Miracle II products, was approached by the Chemical and Biological Warfare Department (C&BWD) after they heard the Miracle II Neutralizer could neutralize Cobra venom, a deadly nerve toxin, in less than one minute thus making it harmless to the physical body. Rather that pay the owner royalties for using the secret formula, the C&BWD back-engineer the Miracle II Neutralizer. The C&BWD resulting product was later used to neutralize Anthrax, Mustard Gas, nerve gases VX and Soman and other chemical and biological war agents. A special radionic process also imparts the same vibration that is found in all the known vitamins, all the essential amino acids, all the known enzymes and all the known trace minerals in their natural beneficial portions. This means that by using the Miracle II products, our bodies are benefiting from all the known vitamins, essential amino acids, enzymes and all the known trace minerals in their natural beneficial portions, but none of the side effects of the actual chemical nutrient.

Ed Leary