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Dimensions of Life - Part 1


I recently asked myself: What are the dimensions of this world I live in that impact my health, wealth and well being?  I ask this question because this is what causes me to be what I am today.  I am made up of the materials of this world.  My environment, what I am made from and what I believe, determines what I become: my health, well-being and my status in the world.

I am going to assume that my environment, including myself, is made up of four components: matter, energy, space and time.  I'm going to call this MEST.  I'm also going to assume that I have power over all of these elements.  Within my own world I can make them what I want them to be.

I have also asked myself: What are the forces in this world that have, in the past and in the present, hindered me from using the powers that I have to change my world?  One of the more important answers that came to me is "understanding."  But why do I not have the understanding that I need to achieve my goals?  The next few newsletters will focus on improving my understanding of my world so that I may better accomplish the goals of health, wealth and well-being.

Learning From the Past

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself the question: How has my formal education helped me to deal with the harsh realities of day-to-day living?  My answer was: "Not very well!  But what is even more distressing was my lack of true, in depth understanding of the subjects I studied through those years.  For a long time, I wondered what was missing in the subjects I was taught, and then, one day it dawned on me.  All the subjects I've been taught all these years have been placed in little pockets.  Every class was a different subject to be placed into a different pocket, never to be mixed with the others.  Physics in this pocket, chemistry over there, biology and health way out there.  Some of the worst taboos were to mix physics and biology with psychology and philosophy. 

It's only recently that I've begun to see connections among many of these subjects.  This helped me immensely to apply past lessons in solving the problems of life today.  As I explored these connections, many concepts that I was confused about in my early years suddenly became clear.  For example, in high school, when I saw the term X-squared in algebra, I knew that it meant the multiplication of X by itself.  But it was never explained to me that, in practical terms, it also represented the size of a rug to cover the floor of a square room.

The Pythagorean Theorem also confused me: a-squared plus b-squared equals c-squared.  I had no idea how that could be applied in my day to day living.  In recent years the name Pythagoras kept popping up.  I was reading a text that called his celebrated theorem "one of the most important discoveries in the history of mathematics."  I was so impressed that I decided to do some research on the man.  Here's what I discovered.

Pythagoras was born in Samos, Greece in 582 B.C. and in 538 moved to Croton, Southern Italy where he established the Order of Pythagoreans in 500 B.C.  Members were strict vegetarian and were taught mathematics, music, astronomy, medicine and magic, among which there was no distinction since all are based on mathematical and spiritual laws. His primary teaching stated that: "the nature of all things are based on numbers," therefore, why teach more than one subject.

Pythagorean mathematics of nature stressed that all things consist of numbers, literally.  In his Harmony of the Spheres those numbers took on the nature of cycles and vibrations.  Pythagoras understood, perhaps better than anyone of his time or since, the effect of vibration on the human condition.  Mathematical systems that he established still hold up in today's modern world.

Then suddenly it dawned on me: the practical application of the Pythagorean Theorem.  It defines the mathematical system commonly used to define cycles and vibrations: trigonometry. As we may recall, it's trigonometry that permits physicists to compute components of vibration: frequencies (How fast does it vibrate?), wavelengths (How far does one vibration travel?) and amplitudes (How much power is behind the vibration?). 


What is vibration?  It is "a rapid, periodic, to-and-fro motion or oscillation of an elastic body or particles of a fluid."  (New World Dictionary).

 Vibrations are "wave lengths in the specialized stream of Spirit; the whole life of any individual is one great wave length; music and electricity are also wave lengths, as is every particle in the lower worlds."  (Eckankar Dictionary, p.153).  So here we learn that vibrations effect not only our physical worlds but also our more subtle ones.

In the world of physics, vibrations are also called "Periodic Motion," These are motions that are repeated in equal intervals of time.  It is the time required for the completion of one cycle of vibratory motion.  The number of cycles completed in one unit of time (usually measured in seconds) is called the frequency of the motion.  Computer Science uses the Hertz to measure vibrations or computer cycles.  One Hertz is equal to one computer cycle per second, thus we have today 800 MegaHertz computers that specify a computer that executes eight million computer cycles in one second.

In mathematics, vibratory motion is represented graphically by the sine wave.  A semicircle, for example, might be used to represent one-half of a cycle or wavelength, and two semicircles could represent a full cycle or wavelength.


Energy, the second component of the MEST quadrangle, is the result of vibration.  Energy is what sustains me in these lower worlds: physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy and spiritual energy.  I am responsible for all of these.  I created them and made them by my reactions to the world around me and within me.  I take full responsibility for my health, wealth and well being.  It’s not always easy, but I’ve relieved myself of the burden of finding someone else to blame for my problems.  Right thoughts, right attitude and right action equals well being.


Harmony is a state of agreement or proportion between or among the vibrations of various states, objects or materials.  In the world of physics and vibration, perfect harmony means that the vibration of one object or condition is precisely equal to another.  In our physical world this usually means that the one vibration enhances the other.  A lack of harmony, on the other hand, usually means that the one vibration is destructive to the other.

In the 1940's Dr. Royal R. Rife, a research scientist experimenting with the effects of electromagnetic vibration on living organisms, discovered that the vibrations of a specific frequency could destroy bacteria, yet leave other living tissues unharmed.  He was extremely successful in destroying bacteria and viruses that were causing cancer and other illnesses, because he had discovered the frequencies that were destructive to the bacteria and viruses yet not destructive to human tissue.  The frequencies that Rife produced were in harmony with human tissues but disharmonious to bacteria and virus.

As early as the 1950s, Hulda Regehr Clark, Ph.D, N.D., has been studying biophysics, cell physiology and the effects of electromagnetic vibrations on a broad spectrum of viruses, germs and fungi.  In 1995 ProMotion Publishing of San Diego published her book The Cure for All Diseases.  In this land mark publication she spelled out in precise detail what frequency of electromagnetic vibration would destroy which organism.  She backs this up with dozens of stories about her experiences in applying specific frequencies to specific organisms and the results she achieved.  She also measured the vibratory frequencies of humans at different ages.  She discovered, for example, that the frequency of a newborn infant can range between 1.5 MHz to 9.5 MHz (MHz = millions of vibrations or cycles per second). 

According to Hulda, the main cause of illness is permitting our bodies to come into contact with food, personal care products, household cleaning products, or any environments that are not in harmony with the body to a greater of lesser degree.  If the food, for example, happens to be in a pizza or a Big Mac, we may not experience any sudden reaction to what we've been exposed to, but that doesn't mean our bodies liked it.  I buy most of my food at health food stores, and they are usually organically grown.  Yet I still had problems that took me to a Naturopathic allergist to discover exactly what I was exposed to that was not in harmony (an allergen) with my body.


Polarity is the law of the opposites where light is opposite to dark, sound is opposite to silence and love is opposite to hate.  The Law of Polarity states that every phenomenon in these worlds is the result of combining of two forces, positive and negative, plus the third force that is the balancing of the two.  (The Flute of God by Paul Twitchell).  When we have opposite polarities we also have two objects, materials or events that are totally out of harmony with its opposite.

In 1956, a lady by the name of Ethyl Starbard was a very sick woman.  The diagnosis of her physician indicated that she had an intolerance of many pollutants found in the fresh fruits and vegetables she was eating.  Since organic produce was not easily available in the 50s, she and her physician conducted a year-long search for ways to safely remove pollution from fruit and vegetables. 

They conducted a chemical analysis of supermarket fruit, namely apples, oranges and bananas.  They tested for 20 pollutants.  The apples they tested had all 20 pollutants, the oranges had 16, and the bananas had only 7.  They then began to expose the fruit to various kinds of energy fields.  They were looking for an energy field that would destroy the pollution but retain all the nutrition of the fruit. As they tested many kinds of radiation, they became increasingly discouraged, until one day, purely by accident, they discovered that when the fruit was placed near specific locations on the earth, the pollution was no longer in the fruit.  They eventually came to realize that the natural magnetic energy of certain minerals and vegetation on our planet are strong enough to neutralize the negative energy of the pollutants in the fruit so that it was no longer harmful.

According to Ethyl Starbard, who has been observing the effects of natural cosmic radiation since 1956, says it is due to the polarity of atomic vibration that determines whether it will be harmful (disharmonious) or beneficial (harmonious) to humans.  Ethyl believes that atoms in the cells of human tissue vibrate in a clockwise fashion.  When the body is injured, or becomes ill, they flow counter-clockwise.  The exposure of injured tissue to atoms vibrating in a clockwise direction, as in natural radiation, will polarize (reverse from negative to positive) the injured tissue to return to normal.  Predatory insects, on the other hand, have atoms vibrating in a counter-clockwise direction and find it intolerable when exposed to a clockwise flow of atoms.

Energy Sustains Life

I know groups of people on this planet that never eat food.  They are sustained by the energy of the sun, elements in the air or they absorb cosmic energy directly.  Early in the 20th century Dr Hilton Hotima proved that our bodies never absorb solid or liquid foods.  He proved that everything we put into our bodies always comes out.  Our bodies do not need the solid food that we eat, but only the specific vibratory energy that the food imparts to our bodies. 

Molecular Imprinting

Molecular Imprinting is a way of adding a specific vibration to an existing molecule. The molecule can be any type of molecule - ranging from small molecules such as amino acids or vitamins to larger molecules like proteins. Small molecules such as water, acid or alkali are very easily imprinted.  It is very easy, for example, to imprint a molecule of water with the life-giving vibrations of vitimins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.

Miracle II

The success of the Miracle II products are based on the very simple principles described above.  They all vibrate at a polarity and frequency that is 100% in harmony with healthy human tissue. At the same time those vibrations are disharmonious with any chemicals, organisms or tissues that might be harmful to healthy human tissues.  Harmful vibrations will be neutralized by Miracle II

As an added benefit Miracle II molecules are imprinted with the vibrations for all of essential nutrients required for healthy human tissue: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes.

Miracle II Laundry Balls

Most people believe that their clothes will not become clean without a detergent.  I used to believe this, until I tried the Miracle II laundry ball..  The result was clean-smelling clothes. I’ve discovered that the perfume deposited on clothes by detergents is toxic and is absorbed by the body that  wears them.

All detergents clean your clothes by merely softening the water.  This permits the action of your washer to remove the dirt easily.  They are also designed to deposit all of those toxic chemicals onto your clothes so they don’t clog your washer. Why do you think detergent containers have this on them: “KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


Miracle II Laundry balls soften the water without these problems.


Ed Leary