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Seven Keys to Perfect Health Part I

When I first decided to publish this newsletter, the focus was on Free Energy and how every household could have it. Going to an even deeper reason, however, I must admit that my health is the really important reason. All of my suspicions were confirmed when I heard Vice President Gore state that over 300,000 of us die every year because of pollution (I am certain this figure is much higher today).

There is no part of our environment that is not polluted: our food, our water and our air, both chemically and electro-magnetically. Since our most vital survival element is clean air, and the biggest polluter is fossil fuels, I chose to focus on that problem first. In spite of all the negativity surrounding us, there are things we can do as individuals to promote a healthy, relatively pain-free lifestyle.

Therefore, I would like to share with you a few of the things I have learned over the past 30 years that have caused me to make my health a major concern of my life. The result of my studies and practices are these: at the age of 70, I still hold down a full time job, have not lost a day's work due to illness, nor have I been in a doctor's office or hospital, in over 30 years. I feel good most of the time and I'm just as mentally sharp today as I was 50 years ago.

Lastly, I have cancelled my health insurance since I really have no need for it, When I was young, maintaining health of the physical body never entered my mind. As long as I feel good, why should I be concerned about health? But once I entered my thirties, my reckless lifestyle and lack of concern for health, began to bring problems. First it was Mononucleosis then Kidney stones. I was gaining weight. My clothes didn't fit me anymore. It must either loose weight or buy a new wardrobe.

Since my budget was quite small in those days, I chose the former alternative. Amazingly, loosing weight was not difficult for me. I'll share some techniques later in this article. But my initial concern for my weight also forced me to place attention, for the first time in my life, on feeling good. Although I've never been concerned about living a long life, the quality of my life has been a major focus during the last 30 years. It has been a constant process of learning, adjusting my diet and trying new things. One thing I've learned is the sad state of our national health care system. More and more of our citizens are beginning to realize that our family physicians do not heal. They diagnose an illness and prescribe a drug that will suppress the symptom.

The root cause is completely ignored. Nine times out of ten the drug will create new symptoms that must be suppressed by another drug. I once heard of a lady who was taking 12 different expensive drugs at one point in her life. And she still didn't feel that good most of the time. They call this health maintenance. I call it disease maintenance. The root cause of illness will be another major focus of this article -- getting to the root cause and attacking that. More often than not, the remedy will be a change of diet and lifestyle. For many people this will be difficult. But I will also share some easy guidelines to follow in the area of self-discipline. Nothing has to be difficult once we decide that it's not going to be.

Here are the seven keys: 1. Drink More Water Several years ago, I attended a series of lectures by a doctor who used natural methods for healing illness. Her major focus was forming habits that will enable you to feel good all of the time. Before each lecture she would ask the audience: What's the most important ingredient in your diet. Because of her subsequent lectures, everyone knew to call out: Water!!! The most beneficial practice you can do for your health, she insisted, is to drink eight to ten (8 ounce) glasses of water every day.

Besides being beneficial to overall health, it has also been known to keep the fat away. It has been described as "the single most important catalyst in losing weight and keeping it off." We all know how fresh and clean the air smells after a fresh summer rain. We all feel much better ourselves after a good bath or shower. It's even more important to keep our internal vital organs washed clean. Our bodies know how to do this but only if it has enough water. This doesn't mean just any liquid either. It means pure clear water. Water is required to bring nutrients to the cells as well as to carry toxins and waste from the body.

The root cause of all illness is the buildup of toxins in some major organ in the body. Without water it's impossible for the body to perform its natural functions. This brings us to the second problem: finding a pure water source. Water from your kitchen tap is far from pure in most cities. More than 700 chemicals have been found in drinking water around the country, and the EPA has found 129 of these to be a serious risk to our health. Interestingly, the EPA requires that municipalities test for only about 80% of these chemicals. Consumer Reports conducted extensive research on the purity of specific kinds of water. The conclusion: city water is the least pure of any sources in the U.S. If you have well-water in the country your water is cleaner but far from pure since pollution does filter into the water table. Bottled water is also taken from springs or wells and still contains pollution, plus the plastic containers also can impart toxins to the water.

The Consumer Reports book also covers the effectiveness of water filters. The cheaper filter using only charcoal, remove some chemicals and sediment from the water but also leave some in the water. One of the chemicals, which have been shown to be cancer-causing is Fluoride. Many cities around the country place this chemical in the water intentionally. Its claim of preventing cavities has been disputed. Distilled water is one of the better choices, however, whenever the boiling temperature of a pollutant is the same or less than the boiling point of water, that pollutant is going to remain in the distilled water. (To obtain a copy of the book, Is Your Water Safe To Drink? Get a copy of Consumer Reports off your newsstand where you will find their address). It appears that the best and cheapest way to get the purist water is through one of the better filters.

The cheaper, one-stage filters that you find in the discount houses will remove some of the pollutants but far from all. You may pay $100 or more for the better filters, but you know you have good water, which isn't the case with cheap filters or any of the bottled waters. The filtering system that I have installed in my home is called the BEV Water System. It has a six stage filtering system including reverse osmosis and carbon filters. This system does the best job of any filtering system I been able to find after having tried many systems over the last ten years. (The BEV water System may be purchased from Plexus, publishers of the highly recommended book Young Again by John Thomas, 1-800-659-1882 or 1885).

2. Exercise The second most important thing you can do for your physical wellbeing is exercise and it doesn't have to be strenuous or time consuming. I spend about five minutes at a time, three times a day. I feel three types of exercise are important for a well rounded program, and the total program requires only 15 minutes a day total. Stress is a major cause of illness. At the end of my workday, every muscle in my body is tense quite often to the point of exhaustion. One of the most important exercises I do takes place immediately after work. Stretching those tense muscles is the quickest way to reduce their stress.

I do a modified form of Yoga, then I lay down for a few minutes. I may drift off and sleep for a brief period, but mostly, once I've done the exercises, I'm no longer tired. I only spend five minutes on this exercise. An exercise that is equally important is a form of aerobics. The up and down motion of the body places gentle pressure on every organ in the body. This action and the gentle pressure also acts as a pump for the Lymph system. The heart is a pump that brings nutrients to the cells and carries away toxins. The lungs pump oxygen to the cells and remove Carbondioxide. The cells deposit accumulated toxins into a network called the Lymph system. The Lymph system has no pump. The only way the Lymph system can remove toxins is through proper movements of the physical body. Jogging, aerobics and rebounding (bouncing on a trampoline) are some of the best methods for pumping the Lymph system. I do the rebounding because of the potential damage to the leg joints on impact with a sidewalk or floor. Every morning before I go to work, I do rebounding on a small trampoline in my bedroom for about five minutes.

3. Diet When most people hear the word diet they think about eating the foods that contain all of the nutrients required to maintain the body's health. This is only one aspect of diet. The second and most important aspect of diet is eating foods that have the least amount of toxins or elements your body can't use and will end up having to flush from the body. The fewer elements you ingest that the body can't use and must flush out, the more energy the body will have to use for pain-free physical activity. Unfortunately, most foods today take more energy to process than is provided to the body by the food being ingested.

Raw fruits seem to give me more energy than any other food. It is easily digested, plus it has its own enzymes to help with the process of digestion. As our bodies grow older, they no longer produce all of the enzymes needed for the digestion of the foods we eat. Most processed foods that we ingest are seldom digested sufficiently enough to extract needed nutrients. The body spends all of its energy trying to break solid foods down and then getting rid of unneeded byproducts. Eating habits are often to blame for this. Many naturopathic dieticians insist that 80% of the digestive process takes place in the mouth. In order for the body to digest food properly, they say, it must receive the food in a liquefied form.

This is seldom possible without sufficient chewing. Occasionally, I will watch patrons in a restaurant to see how many times they chew a steak or other solid. The count seldom goes over 10 chews. Is steak, or any other solid food, liquefied after 10 chews? Probably not. That body is probably getting little or no health benefit from its food. I am absolutely convinced that, if given half a chance, the body will heal itself. It doesn't even need our help. All we must do is get out of its way. First of all, this means stop putting all of that toxic food into our bodies. If I have a chronic or serious physical problem, the best way I know to assure a recovery is through fast or abstinence. There are a broad variety of approaches to reducing food intake.

A. A total fast or total abstinence except water for a day or more.

B. A juice fast taking only juices for 10 days.

C. The Apple vinegar and honey fast.

D. The Lemon juice fast with maple syrup and cayenne pepper.

E. A fruit fast eating only fresh fruit and raw nuts for 10 days.

If I have chronic pain that won't go away, I do one of the above fasts for as long as it takes to get rid of the problem. The cells in my body have never failed me.

4. Supplements Do the foods that we eat have sufficient nutrients to supply the body with what it needs? Rodale, the leading advocate of organic gardening, has conducted extensive research into the nutrients in today's foods as compared to 50 years ago before commercial farming was introduced using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Rodale has found that modern commercial farming methods produce food that is grown in soils that are toxic and severely deficient in the trace elements needed for healthy plants. When the vital trace elements such as copper, boron, iron, maganese and zinc are absent from the soil, the plants grown in such soil will be deficient in nutrients. Modern commercial methods use chemical fertilizers that usually replace only Nitrogen, Potash and Phosphorous. Organic farming methods usually do replace the trace elements in the soil through various composting methods or using organic fertilizers.

Rodale has shown that organic foods do contain many of the nutrients that are absent in commercial produce. Many of the smaller commercial farms are beginning to use organic methods because of the growing demand and the higher financial return. The added benefit of organic produce is: little or no pollution. Organic produce is the recommended alternative to supplements. Since many of us do not have easy access to organic produce or cannot afford to pay the extra cost, can use quality supplements extracted from organic foods. Supplements produced in a laboratory often cannot be used by the body and in some cases can actually be harmful. A good supplement produced from whole foods is highly advisable.

5. Clean Air When I visited Florida several years ago, I became friends with a Naturopathic Doctor who had owned a chain of health food stores. Just before we parted I asked him: if I were to read only one book on health, what would he recommend? Without hesitation he answered " " by Dr. Hilton Hotema. Dr. Hotema suggested that the most important thing we can do for our health is deep breathing. He also suggested that we can exist without food. Of course Jesus survived in the desert for 40 days without food, and more recently I met robust young men who claimed they had not eaten for long periods of time.

The more I hear it the more I begin to believe it. Dr. Hotema actually suggests a program for a gradual transition leading to what he called breathatarianism. Beginning as a meat eater, one can gradually give up meat and become a vegetarian eating only fruits and vegetables. Seconly one would gradually give up vegetables and eat only fruits. Thirdly one would give up solid foods and become a liquidarian. Finally, they would give up even liquids and become a breathatarian. Needless to say this would not b easy. I've reached the liquidarian stage twice in my life and practiced it for 10 days. I did the fast merely to give the body a chance to purge itself of toxins that build up over a period of years. Getting back to the importance of breathing clean air, it is every bit as important as any other factor, since without oxygen, we die.

Our planet has less than half the oxygen in the air we breathe than we had 100 years ago. Thousands of acres of trees and forests are destroyed every year. Ninety percent of them are never replaced by the lumber companies that destroy them. Trees are a major source for oxygen. Burning fossil fuels, besides polluting the air, remove mass quantities of oxygen. As most of us are aware, our beautiful planet is in crisis trying to deal with our abuses. In spite of this high level of pollution in our outdoor environment, our indoor environment is even more polluted.

Pollution inside of our homes has many sources: Bacteria from molds and mildew wherever moisture accumulates in the home, chemical fumes from all detergents and cleaners (unless you are using Miracle II products), air fresheners (can be highly toxic), paints and solvents, cigarette smoke (contains nearly 1000 chemicals), animal hair and dander, combustion of any fuel from your furnace, gas log or wood-burning fireplace, fumes from paints or solvents, fumes pesticides, and there can be fumes from your furniture, carpets and even the building itself. Besides petitioning congress, there are things we can do to minimize the effects of air pollution on our health. I usually keep a lot of plants in my house in the winter time that help. Certain plants also help to remove pollution from the air like, Golden Pathos, Philodendron and Spider Plants.

Over the years I have used a variety of air purifiers as well, but none that placed oxygen into the air. Many of our appliance stores have the air purifiers alone. Some of the air purifiers also generate ozone. I recently learned about one air purifier that also puts ozone into the air. Electrical storms generate ozone when lightening strikes. The chemical symbol for ozone is O3, meaning it is made up of two stable oxygen atoms (O2) with one extra, less stable atom. This extra atom will eventually break loose from oxygen and become an ion. So this results in more oxygen in the air plus air-cleaning ions. Ions are those particles that attach themselves to pollution particles making them harmless. I have been testing this unit for several weeks now and have been quite impressed thus far. The product I am testing is called Lightening Air by Purity products (1-800-791-1992). Lightening Air creates a process similar to that of Mother Nature when generating ozone. We all know what the air smells like after a thunderstorm. My rooms are beginning to smell similar to this since I've been using Lightening Air. We need oxygen because every cell in our body will die without it. A number of supplements on the market are also to making oxygen available to the cells.

One of the best I've found is a liquid called Hydroxygen. I just put a few drops in each glass of water I drink. This is another way of purifying your water as well as getting more oxygen to your cells. I've decided to make Hydroxygen available through Future Technologies. 6. Electro-Magnetic Environment Electromagnetic pollution is a subject that this newsletter has covered in the past. But I believe it is important enough to mention it again. Every function of our bodies, from heartbeat to motor skills, is dependent upon very subtle electrical signals from the brain. I am convinced that these very subtle signals are being disrupted by all forms of electromagnetic transmissions for radio, television, microwave, cell phone, etc.

I am convinced that my body can heal itself if I give it half a chance. What if I had cancer or heart disease, for example? Suppose the brain is alerted to this problem and sends electrical signals to correct the problem, but those signals are disrupted by a microwave or TV transmission? Maybe the signal is distorted and gives the wrong message, or even destroyed completely. The healing doesn't take place. I am also convinced that these transmissions are causing the escalation of many of the serious illnesses the world is currently experiencing. The electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies is called our aura. This is the only protection we have from the harmful energies around us, since the natural energy of the earth has grown too weak and polluted so that it offers little help. The practice of meditation can strengthen this protection and is highly advisable for spiritual as well as physical health. For the last 15 years Future Technologies has made the Clarus products available to the general public that also offers protection. These are the products that offer protection from many of these transmissions.

The Q-Link, for example is designed to strengthen the personal aura. Other Clarus products build an electronic protection dome around the home similar to the electronic shield produced by the Starship Enterprise in the popular Star Trek series. Many of the technologies used in this series are becoming a reality today. This is what Future Technologies is all about.

7. Attitude Attitude is being addressed last of all even though I am feeling more and more that attitude may play an even more important role than all of the above. I say this because of what I have read as well as my own personal experience. Up until about 30 years ago, my attitude pretty closely followed the way the masses view illness: If my body displayed certain symptoms, I would take a non-prescription drug or call my doctor for an appointment. I gave my doctor total responsibility for my health, and I gave my insurance company or government the responsibility of paying for it. When I finally realized that the people involved here are not always responsible, I began to weigh my alternatives.

I decided that I must learn more about the workings of my own body. After years of study I learned that my body has all of the abilities, the functions and facilities to achieve optimum health. I've also learned that every cell in my body knows the function of every other cell in my body. It's encoded in the DNA. This implies that every cell has a state of consciousness or awareness of its environment. Every cell knows the job it must do to maintain the health of the total system. This is a medically known fact. Each cell in our body has a function whose life is dedicated to the health and preservation of the whole community of cells, in a similar way that a colony of bees cares for its queen. Have you heard about the people who have healed themselves after being told that they have only three months to live?

Why does one person survive the doctor's death sentence while others do not? Attitude, and belief are the reasons. What is belief? According to Webster, it's a "conviction or acceptance that certain things are true or real." This implies that you are rejecting things that are not true or half true, like your doctor telling you that you have three months to live. What would happen if you absolutely refused to accept such a sentence, and you absolutely knew that your body would heal itself if given the chance? I know the answer to this question, because I've tested it and proven it for myself. This is the only way I could know for sure. What is attitude? It's "a manner of acting, feeling or thinking that shows one's belief or opinion."

If I believe that my body can be healed of any affliction, then I will think and act in the same manner. No fear or doubt will ever enter my consciousness. Fear and doubt are the villains in his play. You get rid of them by giving yourself the right experiences and avoiding he wrong ones. As I look back, fear has been the bane of my life. Several years ago, I had to ask myself this question: How many of the decisions I've made in my life are based on fear? What fear are those decisions based on? I decided to make a list. Death is one of the greatest fears, but there was also fear of pain, illness, criticism, and fear of being wrong -- the list is endless. All through my early of religious instruction in Parochial Schools, I heard the words:

"I must have faith, because faith can move mountains." I would always think to myself, "I'd love to have that kind of faith. How can I get that?" The answer would usually be that "it's a gift: The Gift of Faith." Today I don't believe we get anything for nothing. The question is: How can we earn faith? Many years ago while taking the oral examination for my Master's Degree, I stressed the importance of a proper attitude while communicating ideas. The head of the department asked me: How do you change your attitude if it's not proper for your message? Without even thinking, the answer came from deep within me: Your thoughts create your attitude. Where you place your attention on a minute to-minute basis determines your attitude.

I'd been given the key to attaining the "gift of faith," but to actually achieve it we must become aware of what we are thinking every minute of the day. All too often I find my mind wandering off on its own to places I'd rather not be. Unless I have my thoughts under control, I can never be truly free. The fear of illness, pain, disease and death will always plague me for the rest of my life if. Then I found a book called The Book of ECK Parables, Volume II, by Harold Klemp. At the end of a chapter called "Change," " saw a list of contemplations. Number three on the list read as follows: "The secret to getting rid of fear is to open the heart center." Eureka! I've found the key. But what is the hearth center, and how do I open it?

Over the years I've wondered about my own true nature. I have these feelings called emotions, and I have these thoughts that cause emotions. But how are these three parts of myself linked together. After much study I learned that there are physical parts of me called the Endocrine or ductless glands, and there are emotional parts of me called Chakras -- sometimes called Spiritual Centers. Most traditional medical practitioners do not recognize the existence of the Spiritual Center, but most Naturopathic doctors rely on them in their practice. The Naturopath will recognize the existence of another part of us that has a profound impact on the health of our physical bodies. They also recognize that the more subtle part of us called the Spiritual Center, communicates the wishes of the inner self by impressing the physical part of us called the Endocrine or ductless glands.

Scientists have learned that these Endocrine glands influence -- or even control -- every function in the body. So according to Harold Klemp's book, I can abolish fear only by calling on that more subtle part of myself just like Alcoholics Anonymous suggests to the alcoholic. So I set the goal of opening the Heart Center which communicates with the Thymus gland located just above the heart in the physical body. The only way I could think to do this was to place my attention at the thymus when I do my meditations. But I was always taught to focus my attention on the spiritual eye that lies behind and between the eyes. Ignoring my old teaching, I began to place my attention at the heart center during my daily meditation. I continued this practice for about a month, and, miraculously, many of my fears began to dissolve.

One of my greatest fears, speaking before a group, almost disappeared completely. As I continued this practice, other fears no longer plagued me: fear of pain, fear of illness and even fear of death. With all of these fears gone, wonderful waves of love that I have never experienced before began to fill my heart. These wonderful experiences eventually left me, but now I know one of the barriers to that beautiful love experience: fear. I am also convinced that fear has been a major barrier to optimum physical health. Whenever I am able to relax and convince myself that the powers within myself do all the healing without my interference, what I really know will happen, comes true.


Ed Leary