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Still More Electronic Pollution

Every function of our bodies, from heartbeat to motor skills, is dependent upon very subtle electrical signals from the brain. It has been suggested that these very subtle signals are being disrupted by all forms of electromagnetic transmissions for radio, television, microwave, cell phone, etc. It has also been suggested that these could be a cause in the escalation of many of the serious illnesses the world is currently experiencing.

The ClearWave Environmental System

>The electromagnetic field that surrounds our bodies is called our aura. This is the only protection we have from the harmful energies around us, since the natural energy of the earth has grown too weak and polluted so that it offers little help.

>ClearWave Environmental Systems

>ClearWave appears to be just a regular clock that only tells time and wakes you up in the morning, but, in addition, it creates a positive, beneficial energy field that seems to have a different effect for each individual. By creating strong, positive energy fields around a home or workplace, the ClearWave helps to cancel out the negative energy of all forms that come across a property, in addition to strengthening the aura of anyone within its field.

>The ClearWave Environmental System comes in three models:

ClearWave Environmental System Regular which creates an energy field covering an area of 1,500 square feet, ClearWave Environmental System Pro which creates an energy field covering 2,500 square feet, and ClearWave Environmental System Portable, with a rechargeable battery lasting 12 to 15 hours, that also covers an area of 2,500 square feet.