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LEVITRON     The LEVITRON has been called the best new science toy by members of the American Association of Physics Teachers.  Spin the top and watch it float in mid-air!  The LEVITRON spins and "surfs" the magnetic waves.  The impossible happens before your eyes.

Super LEVITRON    The SURER LEVITRON flies twice as high as the LEVITRON by using recently developed rare earth magnets.  The sight of the SUPER LEVITRON floating high above the base inspires wonder and amazement.  The SUPER LEVITRON makes the ultimate conversation piece and gift.

Perpetuator Now that you have mastered the SUPER LEVITRON you are ready for the next level - perpetual levitation.  The PERPETUATOR is a special electromagnetic drive device that, when placed below the SUPER LEVITRON base magnet imparts spin torque to the magnetic top allowing it to remain levitated indefinitely in space.  The PERPETUATOR silently and invisibly spins the SUPER LEVITRON top at more than 2.5 million revolutions per day!  It need not actually touch the SUPER LEVITRON magnetic base to operate.  It can actually be placed below the table top and give the illusion that the top is spinning with no visible means of support.  Amaze and astound your friends

Eulers Disk   Eulers disk is a mathematical formula of a falling object.  Watch the metal disk spin and fall for an impossible amount of time and actually speed up as it falls.  With different multi-faceted magnetic coverings, you can create your own light show and enjoy it spinning faster and faster on its mirrored surface.

Dynamo Light     DYNAMO the kinetic flashlight.  Just squeeze the handle of the DYNAMO for a bright light - without batteries!  This unique flashlight is actually an electrical generator which uses a magnetic field (and your kinetic motion) to create an electrical current.  A special see through casing allows you to see the inner workings of the DYNAMO as it generates electricity

Sand Wand  Can you solve the mystery of the sands?   The Magic Sand Wand puzzle is a clear acrylic wand filled with brightly colored sand which contains a silver ball.  All you have to do is get the silver ball from one end to the other through the sand. Sounds easy, but don't be so sure.   There is a scientific principal in the solution.

Revolution     Watch this object spin suspended in the air for an incredibly long time with only its tip resting against the clear plastic in-front of it.  It stays suspended even when it stops seeming to defy gravity as it rests in its magnetic field. 

Rattleback     Spin the Rattleback in a clockwise direction and it rattles and resists the spin, stops and reverses direction.  Spin it counter-clockwise and it spins freely.   Why?  Prove the corialis effect of the spinning of the earth with this simple toy that works on the same principal of why the water in your bathtub drain and storms rotate counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere!

Hand/Pen Boiler       Hold in your hand and see for yourself the way that your body heat causes the fluid in the bulb to boil and travel  to the upper bulb.  This simple toy shows the principal of how heat causes fluids to boil. 


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