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Sonic Bloom

Grow Plants, Fruits & Vegetables Larger & Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible With the Most Advanced Organic Farming Technology

On the Planet!

Sonic Bloom is truly a miracle! Through a totally organic process Sonic Bloom completely eliminates the need for pesticides and enables farmers to have more crops, greater yields and much more nutritious produce than ever before. Corn stalks grow 15 feet tall with ears that are 2 feet long and that are better tasting; 500 tomatoes from one plant; pumpkins as big as a grown man; three times the number of roses per bush; cabbage that is three times larger than usual and lasts 6 months out of the refrigerator!  All of these results are proven and documented. This is truly an agricultural revolution! By combining specific sound frequencies and a specially formulated spray, you will witness a growth miracle right before your eyes! Contact us NOW for more information!

Key Benefits

Any plant, tree or crop will be larger,better tasting, more nutritious and grow faster using Sonic-Bloom <Picture>Eliminate pesticides.<Picture>Totally organic and safe.