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Organic Refrigerant

   Some states in this country have outlawed the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in cars.   They claim that it is combustible and that it can explode if it was in your car air conditioner and leaked out while you were smoking.  It is combustible, but the amount in your air conditioner leaking all at once into the volume of your car will not be enough parts per million to cause any harm to you at all!  Please watch the following video test from Australia.   The Safety/Commission in Australia supervised this test.   We would do our own test just like this one, but the laws here will not allow us to leak either of these known to be ozone safe refrigerants into the environment.  We could be fined, and/or imprisoned for doing so.  R-134a replaced R-12, which is supposed to be harmful to the ozone layer (even though R-12 is far heavier than air and could never get to the ozone layer).  In truth, if it does mix with ozone maybe some genius can explain why Los Angeles has such a problem with a high ozone level in their local air quality.  The lie about freon and ozone to protect the patent rights of Dupont (the patent on R-12 expired just before they banned it and replaced it with newly patented R-134a) is a big enough whopper without adding this insult to the abuse of the consumers in this country.  R-134a replaced R-12 and it is the worst refrigerant ever produced.  It not only does nowhere near the cooling job of R-12 or the hydrocarbon refrigerants, it destroys compressors and can cause testicular cancer, suffocation, and/or death (just read the label on the bottle).  We sell EC-12a and it gets your car 12 F cooler.   After you watch this video, maybe, if you live in a state where they ban hydrocarbon refrigerant in favor of R-134a (made by Dupont), you could get your legislators to log on and watch this video as well, or we will be glad to send a number of CD-ROMS of this web site on your behalf to your legislators.  Just sent us their names and addresses, with a note to them from you that you wish they would review the section on hydrocarbon refrigerants and either reconsider their position or justify it to you.  R-134a leaking into a car with the windows rolled up (smoking or not) can kill you.  Hydrocarbon refrigerants with the windows rolled up (smoking or not) cannot.    Which one should be banned?  SEEING IS BELIEVING...LEARN THE TRUTH ABOUT THE GOVERNMENT SPONSORED REFRIGERATION SCAM.  The following is a list of states that have banned the use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in cars. Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Here is the video. 

Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Safety Test

The Safest, Cheapest, Highest Performance Refrigerants In the World and they are Environmentally safe!!

The popular Freon 12 refrigerant was recently banned for use in the United States because of damaging environmental issues. Most refrigeration experts will tell you that Freon 12's replacement, R-134a, is a substandard replacement and is not nearly the quality refrigerant its predecessor was.

The new EC-12a and EC-22a, distributed exclusively by United Community Services of America, represents a revolution in the refrigeration industry and are by far the finest alternatives for Freon available. EC-12a and EC-22a are organic and 100% natural and are far superior to the low quality refrigerant R-134a now being pushed on the public. No new equipment is required for EC-12a and EC-22a. They are direct drop-in replacements (for R-134a) and are compatible with all the materials and oils (organic or synthetic) in all systems. EC-12a and EC-22a are organic, non-ozone-depleting, earth-friendly compounds that are not controlled by the E.P.A. They have a zero ozone-depletion-potential (ODP) and a negligible global-warming-potential (GWP), making them the most environmentally sound refrigerants on earth.

EC-12a and EC-22a are up to 33% more efficient than R-134a and other Freon substitutes. This means less wear on your refrigeration system, substantial energy savings and significantly reduced fuel and energy costs. Any refrigeration expert will agree upon testing that EC-12a and EC-22a are the highest quality, most environmentally friendly, cost-effective and reasonably priced refrigerants available on the market today. Call now to find out how you can take advantage of this superior refrigerant alternative and avoid having to use the low quality R-134a.

Key Benefits

Better cooling, easier on compressors. Less expensive. Environmentally safe and friendly!