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OIL "Muncher"

A major problem facing our nation and the world today is one of misplaced hydrocarbons. These are oils, fats, fuels and other related substances which have escaped their intended use and are contaminating the home, work place and environment.

The most mild form would be oil spots on your driveway. The heart of the biological process offered by United Community Services of America is a microbe that eats oil? The "bugs" are cultivated not genetically engineered to eat oil and other organic substances such as paraffin, grease, creosote and aromatic hydrocarbons.

They convert oil, gasoline, and diesel fuel to harmless naturally occurring substances such as water and carbon dioxide. Our answer to this problem?

Oil "Muncher"

We have 4 Oil "Muncher" products that take advantage of these microbes.

Oil "Muncher" Surface Solution Works on all surfaces Nonflammable/Non hazardous pH 7-neutral No pollution-no VOC Excellent cleaner Use anywhere Not harmful to skin No storage regulations Emergency spill control Ends Liability trail.

Oil "Muncher" Parts Solution Safe alternative for hazardous solvents Eliminates costly pickup & disposal of spent fluid Works as well as any solvent Cleans shop rags, floors and hands Reduces claims for dermatitis

Oil "Muncher" Trap Solution Eliminates or greatly reduces grease trap pumping Reduces BOD and COD Microbes, not enzymes Eats fats, oils, grease Conforms to FDA Regulations Title 21 parts 174-1798

Oil "Muncher" Soil Solution On site clean up Simple three step process No expensive equipment needed One month vs. two years Turns hydrocarbons into co2 and water