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The Environmental Clean-Up Product For the 21st Century!

Hydro-Weed is one of Nature's non-chemical wonders. Using a select type of peat moss, and a processing that sterilizes the individual fibers while killing off the insects, Hydro-Weed is a safe, environmentally friendly product that reacts just the opposite of what you would expect.

Because Hydro-Weed will NOT release soaked up oil or other hydrocarbons, it is the ideal product for cleaning up any type of oil or chemical spill. While peat moss is normally used in gardening to retain moisture around plant roots, Hydro-Weed differs in that it rejects water indefinitely. It literally 'locks up' the chemical along with any heavy metals, preventing them from leaking or washing out once they are absorbed.

Any type of hydrocarbon leak on the surface of water, be it an ocean, lake, stream or river, presents a danger of contamination to the water as well as all living creatures, vegetation and shore lines. Hydro-Weed sprinkled on the top of the spill contains the chemicals and 'locks it up' so that it cannot stick to any living creature, vegetation or shore line. It also prevents the chemical from sinking to the bottom once it is in its fiber. A bird landing on the top of a spill treated with Hydro-Weed would simply take off again without a single drop of oil on its feathers.

One pound of Hydro-Weed will absorb EIGHT TO TWELVE TIMES ITS WEIGHT in medium weight oil. That is fifteen times more than clay absorbers. Hydro-Weed is non corrosive, non polluting and non toxic. It is completely safe and easy to use. Once the spill has been cleaned up, you can simply dispose of the Hydro-Weed by spreading it along a fence line or elsewhere for weed control. Nature will then provide the microbes who will eat the oil or chemical contained in it and the peat moss construction of the Hydro-Weed will benefit the soil just as any other peat moss would do.

Hydro-Weed is ideal for those living near a body of water, boat owners, and anyone else who regularly uses chemicals or encounters spills. Hydro-Weed works just as well on dry surfaces or on soil as it does on water. It will selectively pick up a chemical spill on a wet roadway and leave the water behind. Hydro-Weed can be used as a packing ,material in boxes containing shipments of chemical products, or anything else that may leak or create moisture. Every transporter should carry Hydro-Weed to safeguard against insurance loss and environmental damage. Every household should have an ample supply of Hydro-Weed to catch and absorb oil, grease and other hydrocarbons, and dispose of them in an environmentally safe manner.


Key Benefits

Less mass to take to the landfill. Less expensive to use and store. Environmentally safe and friendly!