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"Gentle Jack"(with compressor)

This is
the world's first and only vibrationless and noiseless jackhammer ... a dream come true for anyone who operates a jackhammer. By efficiently distributing almost all of the compressed air into the business end of the breaker, this revolutionary jackhammer can produce more work at higher speed with less wear and tear on the operator. There is such minimal vibration, you can balance on a quarter on it while breaking concrete! Less vibration means longer part life and less metal fatigue failures, not to mention more productive work time from workers. And, with half the moving parts of conventional jackhammers and a smaller air compressor, the Gentle Jack can save thousands of dollars per year in operating and maintenance costs. Less stress, less noise, less money!  And if all of that wasn't enough, the Gentle Jack costs less to buy.

Key Benefits

Benefit 1 Minimal Vibration.   An operator can use longer without fatigue.
Benefit 2 Lower operating cost.  This hammer uses 1/5 the horsepower as a conventional hammer and the compressor and the hammer can be moved in the back of a pick-up truck in a neat, compact package on wheels that two men can pick up.
Benefit 3 Less stress, less noise, less money!


The Gentle Jack comes complete with the compressor included!  Contact the Dealer who directed you to this web site, or contact us.