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Fire Barrier

Don’t Let Your Most Prized Possessions Go Up In Smoke!!! 

Make Them Fire Resistant With This Incredible Non-Toxic Fire Retardant!

Home fires can start at any time, and put your family and your future at risk. Faulty wiring, a stove or appliance unknowingly left on, a lamp knocked over can turn your life into a nightmare. Imagine being able to make the entire contents of your home fire resistant up to 3500 ... from the drapes, the carpet and the walls, to the sheets and linens on your children's beds. Imagine being able to fire retard your deck as easily as water sealing it. Imagine being able to protect your home, your possessions, and most importantly your family, cheaply, safely and simply. Imagine no longer! Now you can professionally fire retard your home and your possessions yourself with a completely non-toxic, easy to use spray. Fire Barrier is the only organic, non-toxic fire retardant on the market today and it is safe enough to put in the laundry to make your fabrics fire retardant. In fact, all of Fire Barrier's ingredients are presently used in the food processing industry and are totally non-hazardous to your family and the environment. So, why take chances? Fire Barrier your home. Call to order today, and seriously reduce the threat of fire to your home and loved ones!

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