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3D Foam Fire Extinguisher

Fire Suppression Foam: is a 3 dimension foam that is a derivative of Fire Barrier. It contains all the fire retardancy properties, but also extinguishes fires. While it is putting out the fire, it fire retards whatever it touches. It is the only foam on the market today that can do both. It will remain on walls, ceilings and floors for a prolonged period of time. While the foam is available in 5 and 55 Drums for large applications, it is also available in a 16 oz. Fire Extinguisher can specially designed for the home, auto, and workshop. This TKO Extinguisher is lightweight, extremely easy to use, and both the foam and the propellant are biodegradable and non-toxic. Most existing home extinguishers are awkward, cumbersome to use and contain either a dry chemical powder or Halon based chemicals (which today cannot be sold). These powders adhere to everything, are difficult to clean up and if not done so immediately after use, will start to corrode and contaminate the surface they are on. 3D foam is simply wiped up and m washed down the drain with no adverse effects to the surfaces it comes in contact with. As the foam dissolves it leaves an invisible fire retardant coating to prevent re-ignition.

Suggested Retail: Counter Top Fire Extinguisher, $12.00

3D Foam, 5 Gallons, $75.00

3D Foam 55 Gallons $875.00