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The Safety Trap cab be easily opened and cleaned by almost anyone. It will more than pay for itself the first time it is opened.

As you can see in the picture, the top half of the trap is just like the other threaded traps you are using now, but the bottom is what makes it unique.

This trap has a large removable screen that will stop foreign objects and valuables BEFORE they are flushed into the pipe system. And collected in an inaccessible spot. Please notice that the bottom has been enlarged to make room for the large screen.

With the two big T-knobs that can be turned by hand, the trap can be cleaned without removing it from the pipe system, therefore not causing leakage. It has an o-ring between the two halves to make sure it doesn’t leak there as well. The o-ring is made of Nitrile Rubber which is why you can take the Safety Trap apart over 1,000 times and put it back together with NO leaks.

The Safety Trap will fit your standard 1½ inch sink and with the 1¼ inch reducer washers (that come with it) it will also fit the bathroom lavatory.

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