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Bandid Fog Security Machine

BANDIT Fog Security Machines During a break in, standard alarm systems like a siren or monitored alarm will work just fine.  But burglars know that it takes time, for someone, to respond to the alarm activation. In just a few minutes, they can steal your valuables and escape without getting caught. For the first time, there is a solution to this rapidly growing problem. The BANDIT can quickly fill a room, store or office area with a thick fog during a break in attempt.  

This fog will keep anyone from entering the room from at least ten minutes and up to 1 hour (depending on ventilation) because they can't see anything. The fog has a soft mint smell, is color-less and disappears without leaving a trace. BANDIT should be installed in the room(s) that contain your most valuable objects to prevent their theft.

Bandit Fog Demonstration

When a BANDIT fog security machine is set off it produces a blast of fog at a rate of 600 cubic ft / second (17 cubic meters/second). Notice in the office pictures left, how it quickly fills the area preventing an intruder from stealing anything.

The BANDIT advantage...

Thanks to new production techniques and patented technology, BANDIT carries a surprisingly attractive price tag. Its high efficiency, attractive design and 2 year warranty will convince you, this is the right security system for you.